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«Magical» and «Aceites Abril», favorites in the Villa de Bouzas Trophy


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The Week resumes this Saturday at the hands of the deputy dean of Galician nautical, from the Liceo Marítimo de Bouzas. The first heavyweight sailing event, ever since it began and after having held water skiing, canoeing (sea kayaking), wakesurfing, light sailing and Olympic sailing competitions. On Saturday the cruisers burst into the Cíes Islands regatta field with the legendary Villa de Bouzas at stake, the third act of the Vigo City Council Trophy and the fifth of the Week, which completes its first stage in the Vigo estuary with an event that also It has the incentive of having the rank of the Iberian Championship for small crews (for two and three crew members).

The great novelty of the appointment, which will pay tribute to one of the most emblematic presidents of the centenary history of the Lyceum… Antonio Diego. President in a first stage between 1964 and 1979, in which he managed to carry out the construction of the splendid social building… in which his great friendship with the one who would become president of the International Olympic Committee was a fundamental factor: Juan Antonio Samaranch .

The then leader of Spanish Sports, to whom Antonio Diego valued high school history, obtaining a very important and millionaire support in the sixties to make the great project of the old Villa united with the great Vigo in 1904, which catapulted the Olívica city to become the benchmark of the community.

On the other hand, yesterday it was decided to delay the departure time, initially set for twelve in the morning, by one hour. In this way, one in the afternoon will be the earliest time to start, in what will be the only round of this Villa de Bouzas. It is wanted that the numerous fleet does not wait more than the precise time in the estuary waiting for the entry of the desired wind.

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At the end of yesterday, there had already been more than 40 registered boats, so it is to be expected that they will exceed fifty, which would make this event the second most numerous of the season… only surpassed by the Príncipe de Asturias, and also counting in competition with the most outstanding boats of the Atlantic fleet: the Swan 42 Magical with Julio Rodríguez from Vigo at the controls and the Swan 45 Aceites Abril with Jorge and Luis Pérez Canal as skippers. It so happens that both boats arrive very evenly matched in their particular fight, and the one that wins in Bouzas will be the best boat in the top-level regatta season in the west of the Iberian Peninsula.

It is necessary to highlight the great work of the navigator from Cangas Lucas Alvarez, who has managed to bring together twenty cruisers in the Nautical Concentration category with units as distinguished as the Menudeta, Arroutado, Sabela, Toya, Duende or Eider, to give a few examples.

In ORC, in addition to the aforementioned Abril and Magical, the Aldán of the Spanish Navy, based at the Military Naval School, the two ships of the Monte Real Club de Yates Sprit de mer and the Unus will compete… as well as the Jandrocho, Deep Blue 2.1… as well as Ay Carmela and the Smaku in which Alfonso Rodríguez will compete as skipper, and which will have a crew from the staff of the Liceo Marítimo de Bouzas.

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