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Mailboxes for babies, the alternative proposed by anti-abortionists in the United States

Since the Supreme Court of the United States made the decision to revoke the protection of the right to abortion, those who oppose the interruption of pregnancy promote these boxes to abandon babies as an alternative to pregnant women They don’t want to keep the minor.

Safe Heaven Baby Boxes (Safe Heaven Baby Boxes) is an organization that works under the legal protection of the Safe Haven Lawwhich decriminalizes the delivery of uninjured babies to private persons designated by law or to safe environments capable of providing the medical care that the newborn may need.

This law first appeared after 13 babies were found in troubling circumstances, three of them dead, in Texas. At the time, the state passed the nation’s first safe haven law in 1999, and today there are safe haven laws in all 50 states.

As explained on their website, Safe Heaven Baby Box is a system that allows you to safely leave secure and anonymous newborns in an adapted box. Normally, these “mailboxes” are installed near hospitals or fire stations.

The operation, as explained in a viral video with more than a million likes on Tik Tok, is simple; the box has an outer door that opens, the baby is introduced inside and it is closed. Once closed, it cannot be reopened from the outside, only the medical team or firefighters can open the door from the inside. In the same video they assure that in less than two minutes a silent alarm goes off for the staff on the other side to pick up the baby.

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totally anonymous

One of its main slogans is that the delivery of babies in the boxes can be done in a totally anonymouswithout having to give explanations to anyone, without having to see medical personnel and without having to sign any documents.

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So far, the organization has 115 “mailboxes” in various states such as Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Arkansas, Florida, New Mexico, and Arizona. In addition, he assures that he has received more than 8,000 calls from every state in the United States and has referred to more than 500 women to crisis pregnancy centers.

Likewise, it affirms that since the first box was installed in 2016, 18 babies have been delivered and that as a result of the calls to its telephone line, over 100 baby deliveries across the United States.

the founder, Monica Kellyexplains that he started this project after discovering that her mother had been raped and for that reason had abandoned her at birth. Kelsey says that with her organization she wants to educate other women about the Safe Haven Act and try to prevent as many abandonments and child deaths as possible.

Currently, the founder is “on the front line defending innocent children who are subjected to abortion and abandonmentAccording to her website, Kelsey shares her views pro life with millions of people since 2011 and works to support pro life legislators who take a stand to defend the lives of all children.


Those who are in favor of this practice do so because they say that this type of organization, protected by the Safe Haven Law, save the lives of thousands of children since they guarantee parents the possibility of delivering their babies safely. However, critics argue that anonymous delivery of newborns has gaps in terms of medical history of the child and its origin, as well as complications in the future.

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Likewise, associations for the defense of parent rights They criticize that this system favors mothers and that leaves parents without rights, who sometimes do not have knowledge of the existence of the baby or do not give their consent to leave it in one of the mailboxes.

Now, after the ruling of the Supreme Court against abortion in the United States, the most conservative propose this alternative as a measure for those mothers who do not want to raise babies. The same founder, recognized pro-life, assures that Safe Heaven aims to “protect the life of any person from the moment of conception until it dies naturally.

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