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Maison du monde | Decorate your walls with original metallic ornaments

Maisons du monde | Decorating with metallic elements is a trend

To complete the decoration of your house you always have to leave a space for the walls. There are multiple options if we opt for one painting or several paintings, but you have to know that there are many more possibilities, and much more original.

On this occasion we suggest that you decorate your walls with metal. Yes, metal. There are many possible combinations that can be adapted to the style of your home in Houses of the world.

Depending on where the wall is located, you can play with different elements that, believe it or not, will not be cold and will attract attention.

Decoración barata in Houses of the world

The perfect option for a corner on a hall, a dresser in your living room is the Place Aydemir. It is a composition with vertical geometric elements. The gold metal will bring a touch of warmth to that corner. It has measures of 27×60 centimeters and costs 13,99 euros.

In addition, you can combine it with the Lilia, another smaller decorative element, in the shape of a rainbow and with cotton threads. It measures 21×35 centimeters and is worth 16,99 euros.

Maison de monde | The combination of these two metallic elements gives warmth to the room HOUSES OF THE WORLD

Rounded and horizontal shapes are also a great option. Livianza It is composed of spheres and circles in gold with palms in the center. Costs 20 euros (65×38 cm) and is perfect for a hall.

Maison du monde | Rounded shapes with golden palms HOUSES OF THE WORLD

If you are looking for something for your office, Alida It is the perfect option, since it is a multi-photo frame also gold. It measures 50×50 centimeters and it is worth 13,99 euros. It is a perfect option that combines elegance and practicality since it will serve you as the cork of a lifetime, to hang your notes and notes.

Black combines with anything and, therefore, in almost any room this abstract decoration in black metal will be a success. The Swellie de Maisons du monde measures 65×65 centimeters and is worth 15.99 euros.

House of the World Abstract decorative element on black HOUSES OF THE WORLD

The option of mirrors is also a success, especially if you want to give a greater sense of spaciousness to a room. On Houses of the world you have many options in metal and in almost any shape. Like clocks, they are ideal to dress the wall of a kitchen or an office.

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