Sunday, September 25

Make ‘copycat’ Cane’s chicken, In-N-Out fries, Cinnabon rolls at home

Raising Cane’s chicken, In-N-Out french fries, gooey Cinnabon rolls at home? Yes, they’re all po.

Eating out can be expensive, even at lower-cost fast food chains. Although the five recipes below aren’t technically the “real deal,” they are strikingly similar, and sometimes even better, according to recipe creators and reviews.

People who cut back on eating out can save an average of $500 to $600 per month, according to personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary, who recommends eating out less and using all groceries at home. It’s the third-largest expense in many people’s budgets, Singletary said.

Some of these recipes have meat. Meanwhile, many people are turning to once-pricier plant-based alternatives as the price of beef and other meats soar.

Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza.
Freshly baked cinnamon rolls ready for purchase at Cinnabon inside Pilot Travel Center in Holland, Mich.

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Read below to get ingredient breakdowns of these viral copycat recipes that mimic chain-restaurant staples.

Copycat In-N-Out ‘Animal Style’ fries

Farah J. Eats shared a copycat version of In-N-Out’s iconic special, “Animal Style” fries, after a recent trip to Los Angeles, she explained on TikTok.

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