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Maks Zakoswki, first leader of the Spirit of Adventure FKSS Tarifa

Tarifa (Cádiz)



Maks Zakowski is the first leader of the Spirit of Adventure FKSS Tarifa. The Pole leads the general classification after the dispute today of the first five races of the regatta that closes the 2021 edition of the most important Formula Kite circuit in Europe. Maks finished the first day with two partial victories in the five rounds that were carried out in fantastic conditions at Playa de Los Lances in the town of Cádiz. In second position is another of the great favorites to the final triumph, the Russian Denis Taradin, who won the first three sets while the Dutchman Sven Van de Kamp completes the podium.

In the female classification, the first classified is the British Ellie Aldridge, one of the clear candidates for the female victory, who finished seventh in the general, something very commendable seen at the level of the participating boys, only one place ahead of the Gisela from Tarragona Pulido who after doing a bad first heat recovered in the following to finish the first day in eighth place overall.

The third classified is the Russian Valeria Garrashchenko who remains firm in her intention to finish the season in third place in the FKSS 2021 drawer.

Tarifa has shown its best face. There were the best conditions to kite foil with 15-20 knots of wind and an almost flat sea. The famous fan was plugged in all day next to the Carbones 13 chiringuito, which allowed that at once and without having to make a change of route, the five departures planned for the first day of competition could be given, which is scheduled at a maximum of 20 from today until next Sunday.

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A moment of today's regatta with the landscape of Tarifa in the background.
A moment of today’s regatta with the landscape of Tarifa in the background. – Toni Forqués

Tomorrow the F-One FKSS Amateur

The regatta had emotion during the two hours that the sailors were in the water. The pressure to take a good position among the 40 sailors who gathered in the Open category led to some incidents of kite binding and falls. One of the most affected was the current leader of the circuit, Alejandro Climent, who could not score in the first three rounds of the Spirit of Adventure FKSS Tarifa.

The same good wind conditions are expected in Tarifa for tomorrow, so the Committee will be able to start both the Open category (up to six races are planned) and the F-One FKSS Amateur will also be released with a dozen participants in the competition and in which the Alicante-born Paco Peiró defends his accumulated leadership throughout the season. The regattas can be followed from Playa de Los Lances next to the Carbones 13 beach bar.

The councilor for tourism of Tarifa, Lucía Trujillo, gives the honk to the start of the Spirit of Adventure FKSS Tarifa
The councilor of tourism of Tarifa, Lucía Trujillo, gives the honk of departure of the Spirit of Adventure FKSS Tarifa – Toni Forqués

Rate is consolidated in the FKSS

Before the start of the regatta, the presentation of the regatta was held at Carbones 13 in which the mayor of Tarifa, Francisco Ruiz, was present, who was accompanied by the councilors of tourism, Lucía Trujillo, and the councilor of sports, Francisco José Araujo Medina. Trujillo was in charge of sounding the horn that started the competition. Also at the presentation were the top two finishers of the FKSS 2021 circuit, Alejandro Climent and Sebastián Ducos.

At the press conference it was possible to notice the synergy that exists between the Tarifa City Council and the FKSS organization to maintain the commitment to make the regatta grow in a place like Tarifa that is firmly committed to Formula Kite. Mayor Ruiz explained during the event: “I want to thank the FKSS for setting their sights on Tarifa and for organizing this last test of the year in our city. From the first moment there has always been a very good understanding between the race and us and I believe that this event has already been consolidated in the locality. For us it is very important that it be the last of the year since the final podium is decided here and the event has even more public relevance. We have said many times that we are the Mecca in wind and sliding competitions and to continue being this benchmark city that hosts major sporting events, since we know that there is competition with other cities, we must get involved in the organization. That is why we have understood that not only do we have to work hand in hand with the organizations, but also do our bit to give this type of regatta future strength. And with the FKSS we have signed an agreement to link the regatta and Tarifa in the future. These regattas contribute to a revitalization of the economy of the area at lower times of the year ”.

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Sergio W Smit, general director of the FKSS, explained and confirmed the mayor’s words: “We are very happy to be in Tarifa where we have the support of the City Council for the third consecutive year. It is an honor to once again enjoy the ‘super conditions’ that the place has and the fact of being here helps us as a circuit to be more powerful. The sailors are delighted to end the year here. We come to de-seasonalize nautical tourism because we know that our circuit is a catalyst for the tourist offer. The studies carried out confirm that the return on investment for the local economy is twelve euros for each one invested in the event. Tarifa is one of the cities that has been most involved in making the circuit grow, helping to achieve the economic, social and environmental balance of the competition “.

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