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Male prostitution: “That I dedicate myself to this is well seen” | Blog Bites and Heels

He is polite, handsome, has an exquisite voice, and carries himself elegantly. It hangs well on either arm, so much so, that it hangs from all those who pay its fee to take it out for a walk. He prostitutes himself. And he is a man. In her case, she usually accompanies solvent ladies from powerful companies who travel a lot. And that they travel to Madrid, they send him a WhatsApp and are picked up by him at the same airport. This was, at least his life, before the health hecatomb broke out. Amador, let’s call him that, made enough money to live in an attic in Malasaña overlooking the Plaza del Dos de Mayo. Now, with the pandemic, everything has gone down the drain. His clients telework from their homes, they do not travel to Madrid and he has left the attic to share a flat in Aluche. “I’m not bad. In Madrid, I can still find a client. I can no longer deploy media, but there are many single women whose husband does not pay much attention because the business is fatal due to the pandemic.” When I ask him if he refers to the hospitality industry, he laughs. “If I give you that information, someone will know that I am fucking his wife. To save my ass I will say that those who sold shoes are not having a good time either.”

In his apartment, the other two men who live with him know that he makes a living this way; not so the woman. “The same thing he thinks I’m going to go up to some clientele. I will never do it. My room is sacred. Only the ones that I like come in there.” His two roommates envy him: “There is one who insists that I show him the business. But I don’t dare recommend him to my clients. I don’t know him that much.“His peers see prostitution almost as good fortune.

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Something similar happens to Erick, although he introduces himself as an erotic masseuse. Her service is one of the most complete: “We undress. We started standing up. Her back to me, closes her eyes and breathes deeply. It is essential to spend a few minutes getting acclimated, to disconnect from the outside world and especially from the nerves that are feel the first time. Discovering their erogenous zones is my job. I do not squeeze or treat contractures; I am not a physical therapist. Through my hands, actually my fingertips, I caress the whole body looking for the reaction of the skin, the areas that they bristle when caressed or the rapid breathing and their sighs. When I notice that her body is already receptive, I caress her sex to seek orgasm. Sometimes they happen consecutively; other times it costs more. Each woman is a world and each one has their times. Then we rest, laugh and chat. “

In his case, he also draws from regular customers. He admits that his can be considered prostitution, and he himself emphasizes that, in his case, it is not as badly considered as when it comes to a woman. “I do not receive the same rejection that a woman receives. My family and friends know. I’m a man. They don’t judge me. To them yesErik also has a regular clientele. Others services they are practiced when the woman expressly requests it. Penetration almost never appears; According to Erik, “after orgasms they don’t feel the need. I don’t think they seek that kind of contact with me either. Only on rare occasions, when there is trust and an agreement in advance.” His meetings have been affected by the pandemic, but he recognizes that he can continue because he has someone who does not fail him. “Sometimes they need me urgently,” but the contact ended. And all services, of course, with a mask.

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Data on male prostitution are not easy to find. While you quickly know that in Spain there are about 100,000 women who prostitute themselves, it is not known exactly how many men do it. In the last control prepared in this regard by the Madrid City Council, in 2013, it was found that some 1,500 men were prostituting themselves. But nor in the report that was prepared, specific data about them appear. In many cases, they are totally silenced. But exist, they exist. And, it seems, things have changed, especially with the pandemic. While the figure of chapero was more or less widespread, especially when we refer to street and economic prostitution, the escort, so they call themselves, is the one that has remained after the hecatomb. Male street prostitution has almost disappeared. Amador maintains that he benefits more from word of mouth than from advertisements he can afford. “The girls, when you tell each other that one works, it supposes more push than an advertisement. I try to make everyone leave satisfied.” Although both, both Amador and Erick, advertise on Twitter freely. No one hides what he does. “That I prostitute myself”, as Erick says, “is seen as well.”


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