Sunday, December 5

Mallorca suspends social life from one in the morning

The measures agreed upon yesterday, which will be approved this Tuesday, and which will come into force throughout this week, have as their main objective slow the escalation of contagions, which is largely attributed to the participation of young people in activities such as drinking bottles and illegal parties.

This explains that the most forceful initiative, for which the corresponding authorization will be requested from the Superior Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands and that will come into force next Saturday, is the suspension of social gatherings between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m., both indoors and outdoors, except between cohabitants, when a 14-day incidence of 450 infections per 100,000 inhabitants is exceeded, a situation in which Mallorca is currently. This means that between those hours, all those who do not live in the same home (those who are in the same rented property will be accepted) or who are not registered in the same room will not be able to walk together on the street or meet in private homes. of a hotel. Is about eliminate any nocturnal concentration to avoid drinking bottles and parties in homes.

Those who rent houses where parties are held will be fined if they do not identify the organizers


That means also advance the closing hours of bars and restaurants from this Tuesday, which goes back from 2 to 1 in the morning. This sector has also had another increase in restrictions: the maximum number of diners per table on the terraces is reduced from 12 to 8, and indoors from 6 to 4. This last decision is justified because the new delta variant of the coronavirus is more contagious, and it seeks to reduce the number of participants in the same group, according to the Government spokesman, who valued the effort that the sector has made so far.

Also the maximum number of people at outdoor cultural events is reduced, falling from 5,000 to 2,500, among other initiatives to limit concentrations.

Increase in fines

Minister Negueruela emphasized that the main objective pursued on this occasion is combat illegal concentrations. For this reason, the Government will also approve today an increase in the fines for those who participate in bottles, and which will become a minimum of 1,000 euros. If it’s about someone who has tested negative for coronavirus but has been in close contact and has broken the order of lockdown, the fine will be 2,000, and 5,000 if it is someone who has tested positive.

The stores that sell alcohol after 10 p.m. will be sanctioned with at least 5.000 euros. And if someone rents a house where an illegal party is being held, and refuses to identify tenants and organizers, you can receive the sanction that corresponds to the latter and that can reach the 600.000 euros.

This entire package of initiatives received the support of the general secretaries of the UGT and the CCOO in the islands, Lorenzo Navarro Y Jose Luis Garcia respectively, and of the presidents of the employers’ associations CAEB and PIMEB, Carmen Planas Y Jordi Mora in this order. The head of CAEB initially expressed his support, although after leaving the headquarters of the Government he regretted the new restrictions on restoration.

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