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Maluma publishes video with several of the fans he has kissed on stage

Maluma publishes a video where he goes out kissing his fans on stage and asks to do it again.

Theo Wargo. / Getty Images

One of the great claims of Maluma’s concerts before the current coronavirus pandemic was the possibility of receive a kiss yours. His fans they knew very well that the Colombian used to invite a lucky woman to come on stage to dedicate a song to her, and that serenade often ended with a kissSometimes it was he who took the initiative, but often it was they who pounced on him. Therefore Colombian singer Maluma published a video where he is seen kissing some of his fans on stage while asking if he could get a kiss from them.

“You give me A kiss? #PapiJuanchoTour is coming, will we repeat it? ”He asked on Instagram with a video that compiles some of the kisses that he has given to his fans on stage. To Maluma this is a true show of affection for the privileged fans.

Your good friend J Balvin, who likes to tease him whenever the opportunity presents his colleague Maluma, he could not resist answering his question reminding him that this is not the time to exchange bodily fluids with strangers, nor to go kissing his fans. “Make it so, that the COVID delta is active. So tell me, “he suggested in the comments section.

Precisely, J Balvin welcomed her son less than a month ago. And, although they have not yet shown the child’s letter to the world, the one who has shown off his great body a few weeks after giving birth, is his girlfriend, the model Valentina Ferrer. All the fans of the couple do not give credit with the genetics of the beautiful Argentine, who seems that in a matter of days she regained her slender figure.

J Balvin days ago he moved his followers with the emotional message he sent to his colleague reggaeton Chyno Miranda, former member of the duo Chyno y Nacho. The Colombian singer was really distressed and worried, but very hopeful that the Venezuelan will get out of this trip that made him life.

The Brazilian Anitta, who is rumored to have had an affair in the past with MalumaAlthough she has only confirmed that they slept together, she has also reacted to the publication adding: “Tell me the dates … I’m going for these concerts.” Also as a joke.

Just a few days ago, Maluma He heated up social networks because the singer was seen in a bathing suit from the shower to launch the song Sobrio: “Who has not sung his favorite song in the shower? I want to see them! ”He said Maluma while inviting his fans to join in a challenge.

On the other hand, the reggaeton who is preparing to go on tour again and present his latest musical work live, the artist wanted to know if they would be interested in keeping that tradition alive.

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