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Man accused of vandalizing George Floyd statue in Union Square with painting in early October arrested

George Floyd’s statue was vandalized on October 3.

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An unusual event occurred on October 3 in the Union Square Park, on ManhattanWhen a skater vandalized by throwing paint at the statue of George Floyd, he was finally arrested on Monday, police said.

The subject was identified as Micah Beals, 37, from Rutgers Street, and was charged with criminal mischief in the second degree for allegedly throwing the painting at the statue of Floyd, he reviewed The New York Post.

“The individual threw gray paint on the face and base of the statue and then fled the location while still riding the skateboard.”, the NYPD reported in a report on the incident.

Shortly after the accident to the statue of George Floyd, the police released a video at the time when Beals proceeds to pour the paint into the Union Square.

For its part, Hate Crimes Task Force from nyc police did the investigation and published video surveillance of the subject who was photographed at the 14th Street station, on the F line of Sixth Avenue, prior to the vandalism, agents said.

This incident quickly began to go viral; However, it is not the first attack that the statue of George Floyd receives, since on one occasion, the bust was beaten to the point of being disfigured a few days after it was revealed to the public and later restored.

The acts committed by Micah Beals were reproached on October 3 for the movements We Are Floyd and Confront Art, who by means of a joint statement joined the rejection for the act of vandalism.

“It takes a lot of courage to display the three statues that we are exhibiting in Union Square. It also takes a lot of courage to smash a statue on a global stage in broad daylight. “, they reported in a statement.

“This continues to illuminate our mission that art is a place of public discourse, and through these acts we can overcome hatred and find unity for the future. We continue to be inspired to create and display public art to further this important mission.They added.

In addition, Terrence Floyd, brother of GeorgeHe referred to this fact that left him saddened, he commented in an interview with ABC7; Nevertheless, He acknowledged that events like this do not surprise him because, in his opinion, racial hatred still exists.

The life of George Floyd met a tragic end in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020, when he was suffocated by the officer Dereck Chauvin, under the complicity of the agents Terrence Lane and J. Alexander Kueng, despite the fact that he repeatedly said that he could not breathe due to the pressure that the police exerted on him.

This death sparked outrage in many states and they marched different demonstrations and demanded abuse of power and racial hatred against those involved.

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