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Man in Argentina beats wife to death in bathroom at 15-year-old family party

A man in Argentina He faces life in prison for allegedly beating his estranged wife to death in a bathroom in the middle of a 15-year family party.

Damian Retamal, 40, has been detained since Monday as a preventive measure for the femicide of María Cristina Ancaten, 38, during a birthday party for the woman’s niece.

It had been two months and five days since she had separated from her alleged murderer with whom she had a 20-year relationship and had three children.

The subject, who faces double aggravated murder charges, faces a life sentence.

According to prosecutors in the case, led by Carolina Mauri, the woman was murdered on May 1 in the town of Centenario, in Neuquén.

The evidence handled by the authorities indicates that that night Retamal harassed and attacked the victim by pushing her against a speaker, forcefully kissing her, demanding that they leave together, and shaking her by the arm in the face of the victim’s resistance to abandon the activity with him. .

Later, Ancaten, who was nicknamed Tina, went to the bathroom of the house in Traun Hue and the man followed her. Inside that space, the alleged abuser attacked her with blows until causing head trauma, reported Clarín, citing the results of the autopsy of the experts of the Forensic Medical Corps.

“While they were both in the bathroom, Retamal attacked Cristina by beating her with the clear intention of submitting her to death,” said the Prosecutor’s Office at a hearing on Monday.

“The victim died of severe head trauma as a result of a strong blow to the back of the head, as shown in the autopsy report,” added the Public Ministry.

After hitting her, Retamal came out of the bathroom with Tina in his arms. The alleged murderer told those present that she had hit her head because she was drunk and took her to her home, located about 100 meters from where the party was taking place. At home, she was assisted by medical personnel who certified her death.

Before the truth of the case emerged, the man gave three different versions of the hit in the bathroom; in all, he blamed the victim, claiming she was drunk.

The organization Mujeres de la Matria Latinoamericana (MuMaLá) from Neuquén pointed out in a press release cited by the aforementioned media that Tina is the third fatal victim of sexist violence in 2021 in that province, which ranks third in terms of femicide cases in Argentina. So far this year, the South American country reports 78 deaths of women at the hands of men.

Tina’s case particularly dismays Argentine society because the victim was posting messages on her social media accounts that alluded to the abuse and harassment she was suffering since at least February, Todo Noticias reported.

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