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Man kills his one-month-old baby because he would not stop crying

A man identified as Yoatzin Desderio “N” was arrested, after being found allegedly responsible for the violent death of his child less than one month old, after hitting him on the head because I wouldn’t stop crying, in the municipality of Swamp from Flores in the border state of New Lion in Mexico.

The fact, where it was said that the minor died as a result of a deep skull contusion, became known after the baby was taken to be treated at the Maternal and Child Hospital, where his death was reported on May 28.

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Through a statement, the now inmate was identified by the Attorney General of Justice What Yoatzin Desderio, 25 years old who was admitted to prison number 2 in Apodaca.

Regarding the deceased minor, the authority only identified him with the initials R.Y.Q.G, of whom it was said had one month old.

In the document, it was said that the investigation carried out by the ministerial agents showed that the aggression against the minor occurred last Wednesday, May 26, between 00:00 and 06:00 hours.

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The authority mentioned that the incident was registered within the family’s home, which is located on Calle Fundaciones 122-A, in the Santa Lucia neighborhood, in the municipality of Cienega de Flores.

It was added that that day, the man came home from work and went to bathe, but came out annoyed when he saw that the little boy would not stop crying, while his partner, the child’s mother, told him made dinner.

While the man was changing the baby’s diaper, which I wouldn’t stop crying, lit a horn and turned on the music, while supposedly giving a blow with an open hand to the minor on the head, so that she would stop crying.

It is that moment and due to the blow, the little Fainting.

Hours later, around noon, when they saw that the baby was getting sick, they took him to a clinic in Swamp of Flores and from there, the doctors ordered his transfer in an ambulance to the Maternal and Child Hospital, where the authorities were informed.

From that moment, the man was detained and placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry, giving a judge the order to be apprehended upon learning of the boy’s death.

After the body was transferred to the Forensic Medical Service, the result of the autopsy that was carried out, established that the baby died due to a profound confusion of the skull.

The man It was hospitalized in the Social Reintegration Center No. 2 of the state of Nuevo León, for the crimes of homicide qualified Y violence familiar.

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