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Man was arrested and charged with trying to strangle an 11-year-old girl in the middle of Manhattan park

Agents captured the suspect this Saturday.

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New York police on Saturday arrested a 29-year-old man accused of attempting to strangle an 11-year-old girl in a park in Manhattan on Oct. 20.

The suspect identified as Nathaniel Direnzo, from Saint Marks Place, tried to attack a girl in broad daylight in Stuvyesant Square, near Perlman Place y East 16th Streetthe police reported.

Direnzo He was charged with strangulation in the second degree, two counts of acting in a harmful manner against a child, stalking in the second degree and two counts of assault, official sources indicated.

As reported by CBS2, there was an argument between some adults in the park and some students around noon, in addition to seeing a student throwing dirt when the situation was already tense while the apparently the teacher tried to keep the children away.

The violent moments in Stuyvesant Square They began when the suspect began yelling at the victim, who was with his classmates at lunchtime and proceeded to spray the girl with water.

Given this, the minor tried to counterattack and it was there when Direnzo He grabbed her by the hair, punched her in the face and put his hands around her neck to try to strangle her, police said.

Officials also stated that a 15-year-old adolescent, upon seeing the violent episode, tried to intervene, but also received a blow from the suspect, slightly injuring him.

A dog walker who was able to witness the incident noted: “I do not know what happened. The man grabbed her by the neck, punched her on the head and grabbed her. All the children started running through the park to defend her. It just became crazy. “

“I confronted him and said, ‘Why would you put your hands on an 11-year-old girl? Disturbing and disgusting, you will not get away with it ‘, and he replied that he does not care, that he would do it again “, said the passerby.

According to the testimonies of several people to CBS2, they had previously seen the subject with violent attitudes towards his dog, and indicated that they have seen him slapping him and getting angry because the dog does not want to leave the park when he wants.

After this incident, the girl was transferred to the Mount Sinai Beth Israel to be treated and is currently in stable condition.

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