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Man who dismembered his parents tested positive for COVID amid trial

Alleged university cheated and later murdered his parents.

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In the midst of his weeks-long trial, a man accused of murdering his parents and scattering body parts across the state of Wisconsin tested positive for COVID.

Judge John D. Hyland made the announcement Tuesday and strongly suggested that he would close the process at the end of the sixth day of the trial as a result of the defendant’s diagnosis.

Chandler Halderson, 23, is accused of murdering Bart Halderson, 50, and Krista Halderson, 53, in early July 2021, whom he was cheating on. making them believe he was a college student that he worked for an insurance company and was a member of the local rescue dive team.

In addition to making up that he had gotten a job at SpaceX, lie that his girlfriend had also believed, and from which he escaped creating a false version of an alleged fall down the stairs that would have caused a head injury.

But the reality was very different, well Halderson was a lazy liar who lived in his parents’ house, was unemployed and played video games all the time.

His charade fell apart when his father realized that his son was no longer going to school and when it was time to confront him, he was killed by the young man with a shot in the back. Subsequently, he killed his mother when he returned home.

After the disappearance of his parents, Chandler claimed they were gone on the 4th of July and they never returned from a Northwoods lake where the couple planned to retire for the holidays.

Halderson is charged with two counts each of willful first degree murder, providing false information about a missing or abducted person, mutilating a body and hiding a body. The eight charges in total are felonies.

On Tuesday, prosecutors in court described the defendant’s diagnosis as “unprecedented”. The state declined to take a position on whether or not the case should be postponed due to concerns that whatever position is taken would not be advantageous to the state-in-chief’s case.

Defense attorneys indicated that the defendant “looked and felt very bad” and likely had COVID during the week of December 27, 2021, defense attorneys said. However, there was no test at the time to confirm a diagnosis.

“In my opinion, it is not something you have recently contracted; it’s something I already had, ”said a defense attorney.

The defense suggested pausing the trial until next Tuesday. Judge Hyland responded that he could stop the proceedings until January 24.

Hyland added that eThe accused had been examined halfGet a “reliable” PCR test. The defense noted that Halderson was vaccinated, but it was unclear if he had received a booster shot.

The judge said he would almost certainly release the jury Wednesday morning and considered contacting public health authorities to provide evidence to jurors who wish to participate.

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