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Man, woman, a couple? Onda Cero seeks a replacement for De la Morena

Right, journalists business. Right, sports theme. More true still, he fights at dawn on the radio, but a very followed fight, very interesting, very audience and where, indeed, the retirement of the popular and now legendary journalist José Ramón de la Morena left the ‘Transistor’, in Zero Wave, with 201,000 listeners, far from the leader, ‘The Partidazo’, of Juanma Castaño on the FRONT FACING, with 825,000 listeners and ‘The spar’, that Manu Carreño directs in the SER, with 671,000.

The fact is that Onda Cero, from Atresmedia group, has gone on vacation without resolving the replacement of De la Morena. They say that, after a lot of ideas, proposals, talks, interviews and so on, after starting thinking and negotiating with men, after considering a bombshell the possibility, very certain, almost real, almost closed, of delivering the sporting dawn to a journalist to provoke a blow to the night radio, the latest idea is that the program, which has been decided to be more of a writing program than an author, could be entrusted to a couple of presenters.

Difficult ballot

Onda Cero wants to continue betting on sports and not neglect, despite its distance from the two leaders, the sporting dawn of Spain, unique in the world. The proof is that the Atresmedia station has just made two good signings, coming from Radio Marca, as they are Edu Garcia Y Valentin Martin to reinforce Sports. It is evident that this radio station has the problem, rather than advantage, of having to mix its writing with the team that De la Morena brought with him and that they still have a contract in force, although all of them are great professionals. Something similar happens with the collaborators and commentators of the chain, who are pending renewal and to know if the replacement of ‘Joserra’ ends up affecting them or not.

Onda Cero’s first idea and the one he spent the most time on and which seemed, from the beginning, destined to come to fruition, was to take advantage of the pull of Josep Pedrerol Y ‘The Chiringuito de los jugones’But the negotiations broke down when the TV station did not allow Pedrerol to do the first hour, from 11:00 p.m. to 00:00 a.m. on the radio, and then follow the radio programming by broadcasting the sound of the television program on the radio.

Once the Pedrerol alternative had failed, there were, as El Periódico de Catalunya has learned, some serious contacts with Alvaro Benito, the boy in television fashion in football matters, which also did not work; an approach to the popular, communicative and charismatic Antoni Daimiel, which did not work either and, in the end, those responsible for Onda Cero tried to convince one of their most popular men, ‘MisterChip’, Alexis Maria Martin-Tamayo, which preferred not to deviate from its multiple platforms in networks and rule out taking charge of the competitive and harsh early morning.

And a journalist?

From then on, Onda Cero decided to try his luck with a journalist, as an alternative to the radio dawn. El Periódico has not been able to know the order of offers or approaches, but it has confirmed that Atresmedia radio spoke with Rebeca Haro, host of Vamos; Susana guasch, star of Movistar +, who declined the offer considering that the schedule was incompatible with the education of his two young children; Lucia Villalon, host of multiple DAZN shows, events and broadcasts, including the Motorcycle World Championship and, finally, everyone believed that they had already reached an agreement with Danae Boronat, presenter of Movistar + / Mediapro, who ended up frustrated by the general surprise.

It is not very clear what has happened and what has finally moved those responsible for Onda Cero to discard Boronat, when the popular presenter and journalist, who married shortly after having very advanced conversations, not negotiations, with the Atresmedia radio, he found out about his dismissal while already on his honeymoon.

And now a couple

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Nobody believes, of course, that the top of Onda Cero was scared, as the twitter that Boronat published on March 23, 2018 has spread on social networks: “They are putting half of the Catalan people in jail . They know very well what they are doing, but they have no idea of ​​the consequences. Media Catalunya standing up to fight for the freedom of ideas. Peacefully, as always ”.

The boy or girl version has been ruled out, since the issue is, for the moment, stopped for vacations and Onda Cero does not seem to be in a hurry to solve the puzzle, everything seems to indicate, as El Periódico has learned, that the address of the Atresmedia station opts, now, to look for a couple of presenters and that the weight of the sporting dawn falls on their writing, rather than going on the air with a flashy journalist. After so many disappointments and difficulties, everything seems to indicate that the couple of presenters, if they finally opt for this formula, will leave their own house, from Onda Cero itself.


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