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Manchester United Names John Murtough as Club’s First Director of Football | United manchester

Manchester United have appointed John Murtough as the club’s first director of football, making it clear that manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær will report directly to him.

Murtough, who joined United in January 2014, is being promoted from his current position as head of football development and will have overall responsibility for all football matters. The transfer business will continue to be driven by Solskjær and the club’s recruitment department, each of whom has a veto. Murtough would only get involved in this regard if there was disagreement between the two.

In a 23-year career, Murtough has previously been the Premier League’s elite performance chief, and held senior development and academic positions at other clubs. United also appointed former midfielder Darren Fletcher to the position of manager on Wednesday, another new position at the club. Fletcher returned to United in January as coach of the first team.

“These are tremendously important appointments that reinforce the progress we have been making as a club in recent years in our relentless pursuit of success,” said Ed Woodward, United Executive Vice President. “We have already made great strides in the way we conduct our soccer operations, and the benefits are visible in the resurgence of academy talent reaching the first team and through our best recruiting record.

“John has been an integral part of our progress in these areas and his deep understanding of development ensures that the club’s traditions of bringing young players from the academy to the first team will continue. This new position is a natural evolution that takes advantage of his leadership qualities and his years of experience in the game. “

Darren Fletcher alongside Ole Gunnar Solskjær during a Manchester United training session in January.  The former midfielder has been promoted from first team coach to Technical Director
Darren Fletcher (right) with Ole Gunnar Solskjær during a Manchester United training session in January. The former midfielder has been promoted from first-team coach to manager. Photograph: Matthew Peters / Manchester United / Getty Images

A statement from the club outlined Murtough’s precise role and how it will be combined with Solskjær’s: “As director of football, John will work day-to-day with Ole to align recruiting and other strategies and to ensure the first team has the best in class. operational support you need to be successful. Ole will continue to play his role in the hiring process, supported by extensive data exploration and analysis functions that will continue to report to John. Matt Judge [previously head of corporate development] He will also report to John, with a new title of Director of Soccer Negotiations.

“John will have overall leadership and responsibility for operations and strategy across all soccer functions, reinforcing the strong foundation that already exists. This appointment builds on the work John has already done over the years, working closely with Ole Gunnar Solskjær and the rest of the football staff to create the structures, processes and culture for sustained success on the field. . This has included successful reviews from the academy and the club’s recruiting department. ”

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Murtough said: “This is a very exciting time for everyone at Manchester United, with the first team, the academy and the women’s team all showing great performance and a lot of development to come. It is a privilege to be a part of that process and an honor to lead Manchester United’s football department, working alongside Ole, Casey. [Stoney, women’s team manager] and so many other truly outstanding staff members, all dedicated to making this club successful. “

United’s appointment of Murtough ends a three-year search by the club for someone to fill that position.

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