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Manhattan Hospitals Reach $ 75.5 Million Settlement With 79 Women Who Were Sexually Abused By A Gynecologist

Hadden faces 120 years in prison if convicted in federal court.

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Two Manhattan hospitals reached a $ 71.5 million settlement with several women who suffered sexual abuse by gynecologist Robert Hadden.

Columbia University Irving Medical Center and New York Presbyterian Hospital agreed to pay 79 former patients of the doctor, who pleaded guilty to criminal sex acts and forceful touching in 2016.

“It is important to know that someone must be held accountable for what they did. Help. You want to leave it behind and move on, ”said Julia, a 51-year-old New Jersey woman who was a victim of the doctor, as reported by the New York Post.

Hadden, 63, has been accused of sexually abusing about 200 women. Many of them said that as he went to have his exams, they gradually became more intrusive as he gained the trust of patients.

“He talked a lot about his family, his children and his vacations and he had pictures of his family in his office. It made you feel like you knew him. And I had been seeing him for so many years, he was my doctor. You talk about anything with your doctor. It was very, very subtle, ”said Julia, who was Hadden’s patient at Columbia from the 1990s until 2012.

“He did things that I know would seem weird and I was like ‘what was that? Was that normal? ‘ But he didn’t know what a real or a made-up test was. I had no idea. I trusted my doctor, ”added Julia.

Hadden is now facing federal charges for taking a woman across state lines between 1993 and 2021 to be sexually abused. The feds intervened after Manhattan prosecutors allowed Hadden to reach a controversial plea deal without prison in 2016, an issue that outraged dozens of victims, including Evelyn Yang, the wife of former presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

On her experience with the gynecologist, Evelyn Yang said, “He said something about, ‘I think you might need a cesarean section,’ and proceeded to approach him, undress me and examine me internally, without gloves.”

Yang, who is not part of the group of women who will receive money, stated that the agreement leaves out most of the victims the doctor.

Anthony DiPietro, an attorney representing 123 victims involved in another class action lawsuit, said that hoped Columbia would take full responsibility for decades of sex abuse cover-up.

Hadden faces 120 years in prison if convicted in federal court.

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