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Manolo Díaz: «Achieving another triumph in Cornellà would give us a breath of air»

Hercules central Tano Bonnín is removed on a stretcher in the final minutes after colliding with an opponent.  Then he walked back to the locker room.  |

Hercules central Tano Bonnín is removed on a stretcher in the final minutes after colliding with an opponent. Then he walked back to the locker room. |

After four consecutive defeats, Hercules coach Manolo Díaz met again with a victory that keeps the flame of blue and white hope alive in the six remaining games of this second phase. The Madrid coach declared himself happy for the victory and the team’s work, although he stressed that the victory was “excessively suffered” by one of the ills that afflicted this group since the beginning of the course: their poor aim at the rival gate.

“We have had plenty of opportunities, but when you do not put them in, some of them very clear, you are exposed to suffer as happened to us at the end with Tano on the floor and various noise in the area,” said Díaz.

In any case, the blue and white coach acknowledged that his team has very little margin for error in this final stretch after the previous bad run of results and that he can only think of adding the three points next Sunday (19.30) in the visit to the leader Cornellà . “It is a very difficult field, but we cannot think of anything other than winning because hitting two consecutive victories would give us a breath of air.”

For that game, the coach will not be able to count on his two midfielders, Moyita and Appin, who saw their fifth yellow card yesterday and will serve a penalty cycle in Cornellà. During the game, the coach did not realize the warning that Moyita saw for delaying his departure from the field at the time of his change for Armando in the 65th minute. Regarding this substitution, which left the team out of position and with less ball possession, Manolo Díaz explained that he carried it out “thinking of the best for the team with the idea of ​​strengthening it and providing more energy in the midfield.”

The Madrid coach acknowledged that it was difficult for his men to catch the air in the game in the first 15 minutes and highlighted the remarkable work of the young forwards Abde and Manu Garrido. “They have a future, they understand the game and they know how to take advantage of their good physical conditions; They should take advantage of them to go further and they have given us a lot offensively. The coach also considered “very clear” a penalty that was not pointed out to Manu Garrido in the second half.

For his part, Badalona coach Manolo González considered that “the fairest thing” would have been a draw and also claimed a possible penalty on his player Jairo Cárcaba, “who ended up with his ankle busted on that play [ante Appin]»And had to be changed. “But we have not lost because of the referee, but because of our lack of success in the auction,” he said.

The visiting coach described Hercules as a “good team” and stressed that in the end he will have options to fight for the Pro League “if he does not disconnect” in the next six games of this second phase.

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