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Manolo Díaz: “Against Ibiza we must improve the intensity from minute 1 and have more pause in the attack”

Hercules coach, Manolo Díaz, in the press room of the José Rico Pérez stadium.  |  ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

Hercules coach, Manolo Díaz, in the press room of the José Rico Pérez stadium. | ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

More intensity from the first minute and more pause in attack to find the last pass. They are the two recipes that the coach of the Hercules Manolo Díaz to try to correct tomorrow (12.00) at the Rico Pérez the losing streak of five games without a win against the most in-form rival in the entire Second B, the leader Ibiza, already classified for the next phase. Despite “the spectacular year” that the Balearic team is completing, Díaz considers it to be “a good moment” and the ideal rival for the Alicante team to react and return to the privileged zone of the first three places that give access to the future Pro League already fighting for promotion to professional football.

«I am more concerned that Hercules is well than Ibiza’s great streak, whose numbers are the best in the category and difficult to overcome, ”said the Hercules coach, who will make his debut tomorrow on the Rico Pérez bench after his debut last Sunday in Orihuela with an insufficient draw to one that keeps the Blue and Whites in the fourth place, although tied at 21 points with the third, Villarreal B. Tomorrow’s three points are more necessary than ever for Hercules with only four rounds left to go to the end of the first phase. “Adding is always good, but at this time winning is triple good,” acknowledged the Madrid coach.

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Regarding last Sunday’s game at Los Arcos, in which Hercules conceded 1-0 in the 10th minute and suffered the expulsion of Jon Erice at the beginning of the second half, Manolo Díaz is confident that his men will come out with more intensity from the start against Ibiza. “We risk everything and we have to put our best and play a complete game from minute one to ninety to beat a rival in this category,” stressed the coach, who hoped to add the three points to reach the last three days ” with a greater margin of maneuver ”. After the dispute in this match, next week there will be a league break in Second B and Hercules will resume the competition the first weekend of March with their visit to Villarreal B in a direct duel for second and third places, given that the Ibiza is practically unattainable with its 12 points of advantage over both.

The blue and white coach acknowledged that your team must also improve in the last third of the field, where he believes that against Orihuela he lacked “much more tranquility” to develop the offensive game. “We could not find the last pass or we rushed,” he analyzed.

«We need more pause in the game, something that is gained with the confidence of the players, “added the coach, who also asks his players for the ability to adapt to the game that is presented, as well as concentration so as not to be conditioned as against Orihuela by an expulsion like the one he suffered midfielder Erice at the start of the second half.

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“We are human and situations of tension and anxiety can arise in a game as demanding as this one,” admitted the coach. But all the players know that when they sign with a club like Hercules they have to come with the lesson learned about added pressure or tension. There are no excuses, “he decided on the convenience of the dressing room taking a step forward in the mental aspect at this crucial phase of the season.

Manolo Díaz cannot count on this Sunday due to suspension with Erice or Moisés García and praised the minutes that the Portuguese Romain completed when he replaced the second on Sunday in Orihuela. “Internationalities are not given to anyone and Romain has played with the Portugal U-20 team,” he said.

If the Portuguese central is emerging as a replacement for Moisés, it is not so clear who will occupy the position of midfielder Erice, to which Armando and Diego Benito aspire, who has barely counted in the previous 14 games for any of the three technicians, although Manolo Díaz assured that he knows him better than other Blue and White players for having both coincided in the Community of Madrid.

Romain points to “eleven” instead of the sanctioned Moses

“It is a quite real possibility,” said the coach of Hercules Manolo Díaz yesterday about the option that the Portuguese central Romain Correia opens tomorrow (12.00) as a starter in the blue and white team to cover the loss by sanction of Moisés García. The Portuguese defender already played last Sunday in Orihuela (1-1) the last minutes of the game when the Sevillian retired due to discomfort. Until now, the absences of some of the centrals had been covered by Quintero, but Romain, arrived in January, seems ahead for Manolo Díaz.

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