Thursday, September 23

Manolo Mata a Carlos Mazón: “If he has noses, let him go to Catalonia”

By cons, the opposition rejects the measure of grace that the Government could grant to the independentistas: the PP because “it is easier to give a pardon than an aid to a freelancer“Citizens because” good Spaniards are never forgiven anything “and Vox because” it would put democracy and the rule of law at risk. ”

This has been exposed by its spokespersons in the Corts, in statements in the corridors before the plenary session this Wednesday, given the possibility of pardoning the prisoners for the illegal 1-0 referendum and the declaration of independence in Catalonia.

As a socialist trustee, Manolo Mata has defended that the possibility of applying this “legal formula” it has already caused some to have renounced unilateralism, alluding to ERC, and has predicted that “the Spain of the future will appreciate the government’s sacrifices” to resolve the conflict.

He reminded the opposition that the Catalans are not all the same and has disfigured the president of the Alicante Provincial Council and the only candidate to lead the PPCV, Carlos Mazón, who is going to hold a rally in Alicante like the one on Sunday in the Plaza de Colón of Madrid against pardons. “If you have noses, go to Catalonia“, he has blurted out, because he believes he wants to gain prominence” and is making a fool of himself.

Mata has praised the attitude of other PP barons who “understand the difficulties of politics, are sensible and go to Catalonia to debate” and do not attend a demonstration that “will mark their backs for a long time.”

Along the same lines, the deputy spokesperson for Compromís Aitana Mas has reiterated that the conflict required a political solution and he has trusted that the possibility of pardoning them opens a “turning point” and is a first to disengage a conflict that “we have dragged on for many years.” He has highlighted ERC’s position because “that is the way.”

Y Estefania Blanes (Unides Podem-Esquerra Unida) has agreed that a political problem has to be solved from politics, regretting that the sentences have complicated it, which is why it sees pardons as a way to bring the Government and Catalonia to the same table ” “. “The political tension leads to a social confrontation that benefits nowhere“, has asserted.

The opposition, against the “anxieties” of Sánchez

On the part of the opposition, the PP trustee, Eva Ortiz, has accused Pedro Sánchez of putting democracy at risk to “try to cover very serious crimes“and he has denounced that” it is easier to give a pardon than to help a self-employed person “, in relation to the latest aid funds from the Generalitat. He has also guaranteed that his party will support Sunday’s demonstration” both in Madrid and Alicante “.

For the Cs spokesperson, Ruth Merino, the measure of grace supposes a humiliation and a shame “before all the good Spaniards to whom nothing is ever forgiven.” “They are condemned politicians and who have not regretted much that now they do a little act and say that they are going to be good,” he stressed, to censor the “lust for power” of Pedro Sánchez.

And from Vox, his trustee, Ana Vega, He recalled that his colleagues in Madrid have already announced that they will sue the Council of Ministers if the pardons go ahead, in addition to reproaching the president of the Generalitat and leader of the PSPV, Ximo Puig, who “is able to say that it is time of politics and not of justice “and promise that they will be in Colón on Sunday” in an apolitical way. ”

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