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Manu Garrido: “We have to see the Pro as a reward to motivate ourselves; not arriving would be a complete failure”

The 20-year-old striker from Madrid on loan from Leganés has become a hitch flag for Hercules in the final assault on the Pro League after his good game against Badalona. An admirer of Haaland, he declares himself surprised by the historic demands of the Blue and White club and hopes to improve in the next six games his figure of two goals in the 14 that he has played so far.

Are you at your best this season so suffered for Hercules?

Yes; in terms of physical and emotional form after the victory on Saturday [ante el Badalona, 1-0]. It was a very long-suffering match, in which both of us had to run a lot and the team and I showed that we are physically well. Now it is necessary to refine a little and have the occasional occasion to be able to put in a little candy. In the end, I am a forward and that is what is asked of us.

Who did you silence last Saturday after the winning goal against Badalona?

No, it was a gesture of anger of mine, in particular, to remove bad vibes and bad thoughts. It was not addressed to anyone because there was no one in the stadium. I already wanted the team to play a good game and I particularly compensate myself a little and play a good role.

If they don’t score on Sunday in Cornellà, Saturday’s victory will have been of little use …

Yes, the important thing is to give continuity to the victory and that it does not happen like against Ibiza, which was left in an isolated victory. We have to work every day to get the fruits on the weekends. And this Sunday we can show that we have the confidence and the level to fight for things up there.

I didn’t tell anyone to shut up on Saturday, it was a gesture of inner rage for wanting the team to play a good game


Are you afraid of the poor condition of the Cornellà field and its small size? This year, three games on artificial turf and three defeats …

We know it will be a war and the grass cannot be any excuse because we both play on the same ground. Although they are more used to it, we have already had matches on artificial turf and we have to get used to it as soon as possible; if not in minute two, in minute five. You have to give everything from the beginning.

Why do you think that after the defeat in Atzeneta the team’s ills began?

Because it was given too much impact. That game marked the situation of the team because, perhaps, ghosts of last year appeared, a feeling of negativity, that you cannot lose those games … This is a game in which you have to know how to win and lose and at that moment maybe we didn’t know how to lose.

Why does this Hercules have so many ups and downs?

It is difficult for a team to be regular if it has injuries from time to time and cannot get a regular “eleven”. So it is difficult for players to offer their best performance.

Atzeneta marked the team because ghosts of last year appeared, it was given a lot of importance and we did not know how to lose


You have complained about a lack of continuity, that you have not had the opportunities that you surely deserve …

Not in that sense, but in terms of injuries. When I have been good, the three coaches have shown me confidence and have given me. Benja, Erice and Pedro Sánchez have also had injuries and thus it is difficult to give continuity to an «eleven».

After three coaches, the critical focus is already on the players …

Yes; it is perfectly understandable. If you change your coach and the results don’t come, you have to focus on something else. You have to understand it, deal with it, and work.

It does not seem normal that no player has more than two goals in this team after the dispute of 20 games …

Yes, it is linked to the above. If you look, there has been a lot of minute distribution. And it is no excuse that it is difficult to maintain a scoring streak when every two games you have to be on the bench or in a more secondary role. Both Benja and Sergio Buenacasa, Toro Acuña or myself.

At this point, would the Pro League be a prize or a lesser evil?

A prize. If we see it in another way, we would not be self-motivated. Right now it is the biggest prize we can aspire to and we would be happy if we get it.

I was surprised by the historical demand of the Hercules; it’s good, but up to a point, without actually blocking you


Therefore, not reaching that new category would be a failure …

Yes, completely.

What has attracted your attention the most about this club?

At first I had not realized the historical demand that Hercules has. And it shows in the dressing room. When we lose, we don’t get the results or one day something worse is trained, it shows in the dressing room and in the environment that demand. It is good, but to a certain extent; without blocking you.

Which strikers in professional football do you look to trying to improve?

Currently in Haaland, it seems to me that he has everything as a forward, but that is already another level.


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