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Manu Tenorio, from ‘OT’ 1: “That WhatsApp group continues to exist, let’s say we go in and out …”


Manu Tenorio
Manu TenorioGTRES
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This Wednesday, in Madrid, Thermomix inaugurated its ephemeral restaurant, with the support of five important figures: Anne Igartiburu, Lola Herrera, Paco Roncero, Xuso Jones and Manu Tenorio (46), who confessed to having great culinary talent. “I really like to cook. It helps me to relax, to be calm. Besides, during the pandemic I practiced a lot and every Saturday I cooked with a friend of mine, through video calls. The truth is that I had a great time cooking, for example, salmorejo. With the Thermomix it looks spectacular! “, Revealed to LOC.

They declare themselves little kitchens, but … Will you dare to set up your own restaurant?
No. Because I’m smart enough to know that I shouldn’t invest there. But for a very simple conclusion: because the hotel industry is very complicated, it is a branch for which a lot of specialization is needed. It is not easy at all. So shoemaker to your shoes.
“Shoemaker to your shoes”, but I understand that you are about to venture into the cinema. What can you tell me about this small role that you will be doing on the big screen?
Indeed … But it is different from the hotel business! This is preparing a piece of paper, currrte it and playing a little with the interpretation. And in this film, at first I was not going to act, I was going to participate in the soundtrack. But, in the end, talking to the director, there was the possibility of doing a little piece of paper … And well look, I threw myself into the pool. I really want you to see it.
Would you like to continue growing in the subject of acting?
If you look at the 60s, a lot of artists participated in the cinema. The dynamic do or Manolo Escobar, for example. So I think there is no reason to rule it out, I think one can be quite multidisciplinary. If you look at the United States, there are tons of singers who also perform.
And what about the theme song? I know you’re promoting a cover album.
Yes, I am doing a tribute to Latin music and, above all, a tribute to my roots, to melodic song. We start with The ship of oblivion, which has already had more than half a million views on YouTube, we continue with Chained and we are trying to preserve those colors of those songs of that time. Also, we’ll be going on tour soon. Although, thank God, we have been continuing with the concerts for a long time.
What was the experience of going back to live like?
It has been very gratifying, because they have been many months away from the stage and from public contact. And the truth is that, for me, that is the leitmotif of my profession, which allows me to have a great time and enjoy music. That is why meeting the public again has been wonderful. I still have a very loyal audience, who follow me a lot.
Let’s move on to the biggest topic of the week: the 20th anniversary of ‘Operation Triumph’. Are you going to participate in the celebration in streaming?
S. We have recorded several videos for this online event and we are waiting to see if there is any other initiative to do something deeper or a little bit broader. Quiz RTVE wants to do something and that way we can pay tribute to my friend Lex Casademunt. Unfortunately, due to logistical circumstances, the concert could not be held at the WiZink. But I hope that by next year we will all get together and we can give that recognition to my partner
When you look back or watch the videos from 2001, what is the first thing that comes to mind? “Ugh, what a thrill!” or “Ugh, how unprepared were we!”?
No one was prepared for that moment. It was the first edition, it was ‘OT: the origin’, as I say. we were very teenagers and it all caught us out of the blue. But I think that was a little bit of magic: that youth that we have. But, well, it was what it was and I think it was excellent. And when time passes, you realize that he has left an indelible mark on people.
If today you were offered to do a movie or a musical of the first generation of ‘OT’, would you say yes?
Well, at least he won’t reject it a priori. I would sit down and think about it, because getting back together with my teammates would be wonderful. There is still great affection between us … In fact, that WhatsApp group still exists. Let’s say that we are going out and in, because each one needs their spaces, but we remain in contact. That is why it will be incredible to be able to develop a project in which we will all be involved.
In closing, I want to ask you about your family. A few days ago he turned 13 married to his wife Silvia. What is the formula behind a lasting marriage?
Well, I try to put my best version in my family. My family is my greatest asset, my greatest project and I try to prioritize them. I have never been blinded by my career over my family. My child and my wife come first and work comes second. And I think that’s the formula for success, that they always come first on my priority scale.
I know you said you don’t want your son Pedro to follow in your footsteps … But do you think you have the talent to follow them?
Man! It has a bohemian point, an artist point, which you can see since childhood. That lost gaze when he is looking at the sky, that passion, that hobby he has with music, with art, it shows. And gifts are seen, but I’m not going to pressure him either. I will try to give him the necessary tools to defend himself in life, but then life depends on him

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