Wednesday, September 22

Mañueco reproaches the PSOE for “day after day it has encouraged transfuguismo with absolute shamelessness”




“The motion is born rotten from the base.” This has been assured by the President of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, in his face to face with the socialist Luis Tudanca in the debate of a motion of censure that has reproached his opponent for having been “by order of Ferraz, Sánchez has brought him to the lead” and that he has been involved in “tricks Pestilential “with which he has assured that he has tried to” buy wills.

Mañueco has begun his speech regretting being on such a day as today in the Cortes of Castilla y León responding to the “Siege drums in full alarm”, after what he has considered an “insulting irresponsibility” to present the motion in the middle of a pandemic by Tudanca, whom he has accused of representing “the worst of politics” for this parliamentary initiative and for having been “day after day encouraging transfuguism with utter shamelessness.

Thus, he has accused him of “stealing votes” of “hypothetical turncoats”, since if it was not “with turncoats and foul play” the numbers did not come out to carry out the motion in the Chamber and less after Ciudadanos, the only group that could guarantee viability as a whole, would have “said no”.

“After two weeks of palace intrigues, he comes today to tell us that he does not want defectors when he knows there are none,” he continued before assuring, confident in the negative result of the vote, that today “He is going to get a slap in the face of honesty, dignity and loyalty”, while he has reproached him for not being public his agreement with Podemos in exchange for the “yes”, if there is one.

That said, Mañueco has claimed to Tudanca that, if the motion is defeated, as the popular believes, “Apologize to society for this embarrassment”. “You are the model of politics that is outrageous” and the “best representative of sanchismo in Castilla y León”, has reproached him before pulling the newspaper library to recall moments in which the socialist had indicated that it was not the time – in the middle of a pandemic – to present a motion of censure.

“Where are your words?” Asked Mañueco, who understands that the answer is in the call that he assumes that it came from Ferraz with the “direct order” to present themotion of censure in Castilla y León,and before which he has assured that Tudanca has “betrayed himself.” Now his “word is under the sole of Pedro Sánchez’s shoes.”

Mañueco has concluded his speech by reproaching Tudanca for “seeking to confront at such a critical moment” within what he has considered “an organized combustion strategy” from Ferraz at the national level and that in Castilla y León “is doomed to failure.” He believes that “he is going to cause a change of faces in his party” in the community and ironically about the possible “call from Madrid” that the PSCL leader could receive. “I do not know what they have offered him but the position of Paradores is already occupied by his predecessor,” he has sentenced in reference to Óscar López.

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