Wednesday, September 27

Manufacturers, we want dual chargers with every laptop

The new Apple MacBook Air with M2 chip is a beautiful computer with a skyrocketing price compared to its predecessor, but buried between its specifications and color options has been a detail that was already leaked months ago: its charger is double, it has two USB-C ports instead of just one as was customary.

That 35 W charger, tiny thanks to the use of GaN technology – gallium nitride, what an invention – is something that Apple should bring to its entire line of laptops, perhaps also iPad; and that all manufacturers should start assuming.

Charges in a single plug, less space, less plastic…

In the same way that the vast majority ended up copying the practice of selling high-end phones without a charging adapter (some even after making fun of whoever crossed the Rubicon, or using it as a sales pitch), it would not be bad if it began to be established the incorporation of these very useful double chargers in each laptop sold.

The main argument of the manufacturers that discarded the charger in the mobile box was environmental sustainability, using less plastic and ensuring that we have fewer tripled components scattered around the drawers at home. Okay, by that rule of thumb it would be nice to offer us these chargers.

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In this way we are encouraged not to buy additional chargers, and we save space in the backpack and on the power strip. Do you have to charge the Steam Deck while traveling? It’s okay with the laptop charger. Even if you are already charging the laptop. The mobile? Also. The tablet? The same. Headphones, smart watch, e-book reader? There is room in that charger for an additional device.

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Manufacturers imitated Apple by ceasing to offer the charging adapter in the box of their mobiles. Time to imitate it by offering something as useful as double chargers

Although its advantages are also on our desktop, trips can be even more convenient, such as at all emergency stops to charge the phone for a few minutes in the first socket that we find in an airport or a coffee shop. With it we can go on to charge two devices at the same time instead of just one in an emergency and a single plug available.

With some laptops, especially in the case of Macs migrated to Apple Silicon, offering autonomies that seemed impossible a few years ago, the picture is even better: we can charge two different devices while using the laptop, which now lasts a day without problems full job. And more.

Of course, it is not valid with any charger, and this is where manufacturers who choose to optimize costs can end up being singled out: a USB-C charger without PD (Power Delivery) It’s like a cupcake without a glass of milk. Long live dual, triple and quad chargers to save space, dependencies and busy outlets.

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