Saturday, January 22

Manusovich takes the reins: “This is provisional, eh!”

Sempere and Agulló, trainers. | MATÍAS SEGARRA

Manusovich made it clear and warned by exclaiming that he will not be the substitute for Escribá in a lasting way. His is for a few days, but what a day …

The now Elche coach was Jorge Almirón’s assistant last season. After the Argentine’s departure in February, he held a position in the Sports Directorate with Mantecón. He wanted to accompany Bragarnik in his future project for Elche. What he did not know is that one day he would have to lead the team.

The coach is a friend of the main shareholder of Elche, who these days has asked him for help to try to save the situation at all costs, filling the void that he himself created after dismissing Fran Escribá after the defeat and bad image of the team against him Betis.

Bragarnik knows that not scoring in Pamplona will fuel criticism against him for getting rid of Escribá mercilessly and without slow reflection. Throwing out a coach without hiring another can be dangerous, especially in these times in the world of football. Therefore, even if he does not win, at least, the owner of the club has asked his trusted man that the team face Osasuna, change its attitude, squeeze the players as much as possible and not repeat the embarrassing aspect of the last match against Betis.

Members of the club’s technical team. | MATÍAS SEGARRA

More touch of the ball

For now, Manusovich has already changed some details of the training sessions. And although he knows that the bench is going to have another owner shortly, the brother of the ex-green-franchise left wingback Damián “El Russo” Manusovich has already breathed another spirit into the franj-green locker room. Its components yesterday showed concentration at their entrance to the Díez Iborra football field.

On the pitch, Manusovich had the house’s physical trainers, Manolo Sempere and Fidel Agulló, along with the goalkeeping coach, Miguel Escalona, ​​and the analyst, Óscar Suárez.

The training director modified different exercises of the session that the players usually did with Escribá. Among them, the team could be seen playing more ball and playing a “game”. As the training was behind closed doors, it is not possible to give proof of the components of both teams.

If the new coach does not arrive before Sunday, everything indicates that it will be Manusovich who will take charge of the French-green team. His first public function will be to answer the journalists at the press conference prior to the match against Osasuna. In principle, the club plans to celebrate this event on Sunday, after the last training session before leaving for a trip to Navarra. The logical thing is that, despite the fact that Bragarnik has found a definitive coach between today and tomorrow, the one who sits on the bench of El Sadar is Manusovich.

Bragarnik wants a technician committed to Elche. He has even come to think of Pacheta, whom, he says, he considers ideal. The highest shareholder thus shows that he acknowledges his mistake by firing him after the promotion. But the Burgos coach has a team. You have to keep looking.

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