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“Many young people are fighting against the virus, not everything is a bottle”

Sheila Domenech, helping to distribute food. | INFORMATION

The coronavirus made visible a part of the youth «small but that many media did show, they make more noise than other things. Most of us are responsible, we comply with the rules and sanitary measures. In fact, in my group of friends we are all very calm. This stems more from myths than from other things, as is the case with racism and other social issues, ”explains Itahisa Collado, 23. A young volunteer at the Altea headquarters. Originally from the Fortunate Islands, she arrived in the Levantine city in January 2021. “Until something comes out in the workplace, we must help, it is fair and we must demolish myths,” he says.

Borja Díaz, with the Red Cross volunteer vest. | INFORMATION

With a jovial character and with a lot of spirit, in the Red Cross “I am active in the Ecological Garden and two afternoons a week I give school revision to children,” he says. His involvement does not end here, he also gives anti-bullying workshops in schools and institutes and even shows the reality of “trans” people in a center for minors. And, at the end of the month, “if all goes well, I will present a project aimed at sexual and gender diversity.” Itahisa also runs the Women Seeds association for survivors of sexual violence.

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For this Canarian, volunteering is “something fundamental: I learn as a person and I try to give other things about myself. The pandemic has been a global shock, we have to wake up and give a little help. Now we are very lost in social networks and the internet. When living in a society, it is fair to work together ”.

Sheila Domenech, a military opponent, is of the same opinion. “Bad things are always given more visibility than good things and that should be changed. There are many young people who do good things and are not given the credit they deserve. We are a group involved in eradicating the coronavirus, we know what the situation is and not everything is a bottle. We have a civil and civic conscience ». This pandemic situation that has meant an economic, social and health crisis complicates the future of the new generations, «but you should not think about the inconveniences, if you want something, fight for it and in the end you will achieve it, with effort and dedication you will it can, ”says Domenech, 19 from Petrer, where she works as a volunteer for the entity.

In the town of Medio Vinalopó, he makes purchases from seniors who cannot move by themselves, acquiring medication or delivering food to homes, among other tasks.

This young woman joined the Red Cross in 2020 “my friends commented on this option through a WhatsApp group and I signed up,” since then she has not stopped, also dragging her mother into volunteering. “I do it because it fills me up and I like to help others.” With the vocation in his DNA, he hopes to approve the opposition in the land army although he would like to take an air destination “I like it much more because there I would also carry out support work for Nursing”, he confesses.

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However, Borja Díaz “feels very bad” the perception of them and the comments that he often hears as “the fault of the young because we are headless and we do not abide by the rules. It is not a matter of age but of common sense and we have a lot.

The profession of this 23-year-old crevillentino is that of a teacher and in this he carries out his work, he teaches Spanish to foreigners, thus “I gain experience, I help others and I combine it with my studies of English,” he explains.

Its experience defines it as “excellent”. Those who attend classes «come very motivated, they appreciate the effort we make, I have taught many of them to read and even the alphabet because they usually start from scratch. There are difficulties because the bellowing of the language is great, but they are very motivated ».

Borja knows that “I will continue to help, the risk of contagion is minimal, we wear a mask and we all comply with the rules.”

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