Tuesday, March 9

Maradona and Kobe Bryant, the two monumental losses of 2020 that nobody prepared us for

2020 will have an asterisk. In all areas of our lives we had to pause to readjust to a situation we have never faced: a circumstance that forced us to reassess everything we have in this world: our health, our family … our idols.

Speaking of sports idols, this year two of the biggest abandoned us, curiously, none of them from the disease that has marked this terrible 2020:

I received a message: “Kobe died”… Which Kobe? I asked myself. It couldn’t be Ko-Be, I thought…

I remember perfectly where and with whom I was. I put “Kobe” in the Twitter search engine and although trivia such as records, phrases or his best plays still appeared, andThe fateful news was confirmed: Kobe Bryant, yeah THAT Kobe he would no longer be with us. Un Shock total.

A helicopter crash on a private flight on January 26 in Calabasas left the world without a legend. Kobe said goodbye at 41 years old leaving us many statistics and sports achievements to inspire us, but we can never see his peculiar smile againThat was also taken in 2020 and I will never forgive him.

A friend told me months later β€œThis all started when Kobe died. “ and yes, a short time later it was that the world turned upside down like we had never experienced.

Less unexpected, but even more difficult for me to process, it was the death of Diego Armando Maradona November 25. The greatest footballer in all history left this plane due to mundane cardiorespiratory failure, even though we all thought that gods didn’t die from things like that.

We saw Diego bad a long time ago, in his appearances he was seen strangely “absent”, he stopped being the life of the party and that was already an important indication of what was to happen, but we did not realize it because it was Diego and I repeat, we thought Diego was immortal.

And yes it is, because just he defined the difference between being a great soccer player and being a great soccer player; one who lived his passion for victory and for his country above anything else.

He endured brain surgery, total anesthesia in delicate conditions, but Diego gave up a few days later, surely when he realized that he was no longer the life of the party. Beyond the strange conditions of his death, letting go of Diego was really difficult for me and safe for everyone those of us who grew up admiring his football and looking forward to his life. Another unexpected blow at the end of this tremendous year.

Two iconic and devastating deaths that should remind us that no matter how successful, wealthy or powerful you are, life is just a loan to be valued every second of every year … no matter what this terrible 2020 has been.

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