Thursday, December 2

Marc Gasol revolutionizes Girona with his return to continue his career

Marc Gasol will continue his career as a player in the ranks of Bàsquet Girona. The 36-year-old center from Barcelona, ​​one of the great names in Spanish sport, unveiled on Wednesday one of the least intriguing questions in the recent history of sport. From the moment the Lakers confirmed the end of the contractual relationship last September, the return of Marc Gasol to the club he founded in 2014 seemed the most real possibility above hypothetical offers to continue in the NBA and the interest of the Barça, made public by Juan Carlos Navarro, so that he would wear Barça again.

“Makes me very excited to be here. I really want to do what I like the most and to do it here, in Girona, a city with which I have a very special relationship, “said Marc, in a massive event with fans (around 2,000 in Fontajau) , in which he appeared with the number 33, the number that he will wear on the team, while a graffiti artist wrote on a mural on the ‘Bentornat’ stage.

President and player

“I have received a lot of support these days, walking around the city and I am eager to return all this affection in acts like today and also in games. We are a very young club, wanting to grow, contribute in the territory that It is the most important thing, “added Marc Gasol in the presence of a hundred players from the base of the club, which has a team of twenty. The Barcelona pivot will have to assume the double role of president and player, and for those who will not have a problem with the transition from playing for the Lakers and in the best league in the world to playing in Girona in the Second Division.

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With a splendid career in which he has fulfilled almost all his dreams (NBA champion with the Raptors, double world champion, double Olympic medalist and double European champion with the national team among other greats), Gasol believes that he has nothing more. to prove and you want to spend more time with the family you have formed with Cristina Blesa, With whom he has two children (Julia, 7 years old, Luca, four years old) and to close his stage in basketball in a personal project such as Bàsquet Girona, which will not require so much dedication (a trip out every 15 days).

The objective that is set in the medium term is promotion to the ACB, to return, in his words, a part of what he received in his first and transcendental stage in Girona. His debut will be on December 3 at home against Peñas Huesca.

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