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Marc Márquez puts himself to the test at the Circuit de Catalunya

  • Marc Márquez is now at the Circuit de Catalunya, after receiving the approval of his doctors, driving around with a Honda RC213V ‘replica’, that is, on the street

  • The champion of Cervera (Lleida) takes another step in his rehabilitation and, after being vaccinated on a lightning trip to Qatar, takes the last steps with a view to his reappearance

  • The MotoGP World Championship returns to activity next week, when the first GP of the season will start, which will be held in Losail on the 28th.

It is done. Marc Márquez Alentá (Honda), the great champion of MotoGP, the dominator of the last premier class world championships, the pilot who, last season, could not complete a single grand prix after his severe fracture of the right humerus in the first race of Sherry and had to give the title to young Majorcan Joan Mir (Suzuki), is currently in the facilities of the Circuit of Catalonia, where he is testing himself with a large motorcycle after having performed, after eight months without getting on a motorcycle, a couple of training sessions with a minibike on a karting track.

Fully welded humerus

Márquez, who asked the team doctor Samuel Antuña, the same one who performed the third intervention, lasting more than 11 hours, on his right humerus, which did not give him permission to get on the motorcycle “Until he knew and was sure that his arm would withstand a new fall”, is testing, with his racing team, with his MotoGP team, in front of which is his engineer Santi Hernández, a Honda Rc213V Street, that is to say, customer, who, without having the 260 horsepower or more that the MotoGP has, easily exceeds 200 horsepower, which already allows him to have feelings very similar to those of the race.

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It is true that, last Friday, upon his return from Losail, where he traveled to get the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine (“I get vaccinated because that way, when I get to Spain, my vaccine can be used by someone else”) MM93 acknowledged that he is already thinking “seriously” when it comes to racing again, although it is still too early to decide. Very few believe that Márquez will reappear next week in Qatar, although it could be that he was in the second race, on April 4, on the same track, which is called the Losail GP.

It may interest you

No date to reappear

It is evident that Márquez’s environment, especially his family and his manager Emilio AlzamoraThey are extremely cautious when it comes to racing again, but everyone knows Marc and they know that he has a crazy desire to return. It is true, and so he commented at the presentation of the team, a little over a month ago, that “if this fall, this injury, the three operations and this hard rehabilitation has taught me something, it is that there are many world championships, many races, and a single life. I have to listen to my body and decide what is the best time to return. I only want to return when I am 100 percent, or almost, ready to aspire to everything. Of course, what I do not think to do is change the way I drive and face racing “.

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