Tuesday, May 18

Marc Ribot and Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés will perform in Alicante

Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés

Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés

The Mediterranean Foundation presents at the Alicante Culture Classroom “Global sounds”, a cycle of world music that starts with the objective of combining tradition and modernity and that will take place in May 2021. The mythical guitarist Marc Ribot (Saturday, May 8) and Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés (Saturday May 22), make up the poster for this cycle. Tickets can be purchased at the Aula de Cultura box office and through Tickets at your fingertips.

The first guest will be Marc Ribot, which on Saturday May 8 will visit for the first time Alicante. A unique guitarist, with an encyclopedic knowledge of a multitude of genres and a career that ranges from Cuban music to folk and free jazz.

American guitarist Marc Ribot SANDLIN GAITHER

Ribot is a fixed guitarist in the saxophonist’s recordings John Zorn, a benchmark of free jazz and a renovator of traditional Jewish music. The style of Ribot, born in New Jersey in 1954, has been evident in the recordings of Tom Waits. Y is a regular contributor to Elvis Costello, Allen Touissant, Solomon Burke, Caetano Veloso, Andrés Calamaro, among many others. In addition, he has also headed personal projects: either alone or with The False Cubans or Ceramic Dog, Ribot’s six strings subvert all genres.

For its part, Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés arrive at the Alicante Classroom of Fundación Mediterráneo with their new job just published. His debut album, 45 brains and a heart, they put us on notice of a duo, with a talent for revitalizing the folklore far from the accommodating but enjoyable for anyone.

Arnal studied singing at the Badalona School of Modern Music, learning to unite passion and technique. From the tradition of oral folklore to the digital age, their work traces an underground connection between that tradition without authorship and collective authorship in the digital age, in which they take a giant step forward in Clamor, his new album.

Fundación Mediterráneo’s Global Sounds cycle returns in 2021, readapting its approach, due to the fact that international tours have practically stopped. In this way, a setting in Alicante is offered to some of the most relevant figures of genres that do not fit within western pop music, as well as the hybridization of these genres in other contexts, combining tradition and modernity, at the same time that the new expressions that arise in any part of the world are presented.

The president of Fundación Mediterráneo, Luis Boyer, highlights that “the Global Sounds cycle aims to cover a space currently not covered in Alicante’s musical programming, which is none other than the so-called world music and its different expressions”.


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