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MARCA Sport Weekend: the great sport festival


The event that brings together great stars starts in Seville during the weekend. Carolina Marn, Giacomo Agostini or Boris Becker, among others, attended the inauguration

Iker Casillas, during the event.
Iker Casillas, during the event.Rafa couple

There is an atmosphere of a sports weekend in Seville. Not because Spain will play here tomorrow against Sweden to certify – as long as they win or draw, without tempting luck – their qualification for the Qatar World Cup, but because the third edition of the World Cup is held here from Friday to Sunday. Marca Sports Weekend, the most anticipated annual appointment of Marca, the sports newspaper of Unidad Editorial.

Like any great event, the opening ceremony was a must, which took place on Friday at the La Cartuja Stadium. The kick-off of the great sporting event of the year -which gathers a wide and varied range of international sports over the weekend with a multitude of clinics, lectures, practical classes …- was led by the journalist Inma Rodrguez and the illusionist Jorge Luengo, which surprised all attendees with various tricks. Even Carolina MarnAccustomed to the badminton racket, she starred in the ultimate illusion, walking on broken glass. The comeback, it was said, precisely the motto of this Sport Weekend Brand that, after last year’s virtual edition, returns to the presence after the success of the 2019 edition in Marbella (Malaga).

During the gala, the Brand Director, Juan Ignacio Gallardo, welcomed the attendees and highlighted the magnitude of this meeting: “A unique, singular, spectacular project; the most important, due to its magnitude, category and scope, of all those held in Spain.” Together with him, and on behalf of the company, were Marco Pompignoli, President of the Editorial Unit; Nicola Speroni and Stefania Bedogni, CEOs and directors of the Group, and Jess zaballa, General Director of Advertising.

La Cartuja received a large number of athletes who will be the protagonists of this weekend in Seville. Among them were Carolina Marn, Giacomo Agostini, Susana Rodrguez, Boris Becker, Caf, Karembeu, Ana Pelez, Kempes, Martn Fiz, Abel Antn, Jorge Garbajosa, Antonio Martn, Alberto Gins and Yelena Isinbayeva, among others.

The highlight of the gala was the delivery of the 1st Laureus Espaa Marca Sport for Good Honor Awards, a division of the famous international Laureus. Who better to win this first award than the brothers Gasol, Pau and Marc, through the NGO Gasol Foundation. In the voting, the couple won Carolina Marn and the paralympic Susana Rodríguez. Gallardo gave the father of the clan, the statuette of the trophy and Caf, the check for 25,000 euros from the Laureus Foundation for his project.

These funds will go to the family programs that the Gasol Foundation has to promote healthy life habits. This is, promoting physical activity and sports and healthy eating, as well as promoting emotional well-being and rest. Since 2013, more than 100,000 boys and girls and adults have participated in these programs that seek to reduce the obesity rate in Spain and the United States.

Silver and bronze in voting are also rewarded. Carolina Marn will allocate the 10,000 euros that correspond to her as the second most voted to the Badminton without Barriers project, an initiative of the Andalusian Federation and the Badminton Sports Club of Huelva in which it seeks to accommodate all people with special abilities who want to start in the sport in which Marn is a national symbol.

For her part, Susana Rodrguez contribute the 5,000 euros obtained to the Discamino project, an idea that was born when Gerardo, a deaf and blind young man from Vigo, made the Camino de Santiago pedaling on a tandem tricycle.

A viernes ‘non stop’

Day 1 started much earlier, first thing in the morning. Marca Sport Weekend, which is held in collaboration with the Junta de Andaluca and the Seville City Council, and is sponsored by Movistar, Grupo Puma, Endesa, LaLiga, Santander and Hyundai, is a vast sports program. While Chema Martnez talked about the iconic marathon and the magnet that this test awakens among athletes and amateur runners, Borja Iglesias and ngela SosaBetis footballers, along with Delantero09, one of the biggest soccer streamers, played a 3 against 100. A hundred children running after the ball or after the idols, it was sometimes difficult to distinguish it.

Jorge Garbajosa, president of the FEB, and Antonio Marn, president of ACB, were in charge of remembering that not everything is football at a table where they presented their management experience in a league-federation coexistence that allows them to improve every day. Joan Plaza, the Betis coach, shared in a busy Plaza de San Francisco his experience as a coach with all those Sevillians who wanted to get closer.

While you, reader, are reading what happened yesterday at Marca Sport Weekend, other world champions, sports managers and presidents of different federations are making Seville, also today Saturday, the largest sports venue in the world.

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