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Marcelo Martins attacked Conmebol: “If a person dies, what are you going to do?”

So far, 52 cases of Coronavirus are reported in the tournament.

Photo: Alberto Valdés / POOL / EFE

The situation of infections by the COVID-19 within the framework of America Cup seems to have no control. Reports indicate that daily the number of infections within the tournament increases. Against this background, the benchmark and scorer of the Bolivian national team, Marcelo Moreno Martins, exploded against the Conmebol ensuring that they are only interested in money.

The latest report from Brazilian Ministry of Health revealed that within the tournament there have been 52 cases of Coronavirus that are distributed among footballers, members of the coaching staff and protocol workers. Given this information, the leading scorer of the South American Qualifiers he lashed out at the confederation.

“Thanks to you from Conmebol for this. All the blame is entirely up to you. If a person dies, what are you going to do? What matters is only money. Is the life of a player worth nothing?”, Expressed through social networks the Bolivian soccer player.

In the Bolivian team led by the Venezuelan Cesar Farias, have been submitted at least four cases of COVID-19. Martins was left out of the Bolivian debut so he may be one of those affected.

Conmebol responded to the attacks

Far from letting the footballer’s words pass, the confederative entity decided to take action on the matter. Conmebol decided to open a disciplinary file against Martins. The Bolivian soccer player would have violated the regulations corresponding to the · “principles of conduct“, In which it is stated that it must”act with respect for the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship”.

Finally, the confederation gave the Bolivian forward a deadline to offer his apologies or, on the contrary, to show and “formulate your arguments and propose the evidence that you deem appropriate in your defense”.

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