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Marcelo Martins: the Bolivian hero who chases Luis Suárez and Lionel Messi

Martins scored a double that gave Bolivia World Cup hopes.

Photo: Aizar Raldes / Getty Images

Marcelo Moreno Martins It is that classic forward that gives the impression of being eternal because of its validity throughout the years. The scorer of the Bolivian national team was present with a double to bring his nation to life in the World Cup Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022. “El Matador” reached 17 goals in the qualifying rounds, becoming the third highest scorer in action, only behind Luis Suárez and Lionel Messi.

Martins, captain of Bolivia, tied Edinson Cavani and Iván Zamorano for the 5th highest scorers in the history of the South American Qualifiers. He is one goal away from reaching Marcelo Salas (Chile, 18 goals) and two goals from Hernán Crespo (Argentina, 19 goals).

But counting the strikers who are active, he shares the top 3 with Cavani. And in the sights is Lionel Messi, who scored in Argentina’s draw against Chile (1-1) and reached the 23 so many in playoffs. At the top of the list is Luis Suarez, who accumulates 25 goals with the Uruguayan team.

The first goal was scored at minute 5 ‘. He lowered a center from the left wing with his chest, and as soon as the ball returned to the ground, he hit a right hand with great power that was impossible to stop by Joel Graterol, Venezuelan goalkeeper. Golazo.

He closed his job with a header eight minutes from the end. He was placed in the line of his defender, and after winning the position without any problem, I just waited for a very well directed center to fall on him that he sent to save the networks. He is the total forward.

Right now, Marcelo Martins is the top scorer in the Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022: premiered on matchday 2 against Argentina, and then converted against Ecuador and Paraguay in the next two matches. With the double against Venezuela he reached 5 goals, surpassing Arturo Vidal (Chile), Luis Suárez (Uruguay) and Ángel Romero (Paraguay) in the table of top scorers.

“La Verde” beat Venezuela 3-1 and the day will end three points behind the World Cup positions.

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