Sunday, May 16

March 8, still needed

As we know, in the last five years, we have witnessed a boom in feminist demands, which has had a clear example, in the actions of the eighth of March from 2017 to today, it is what has come to be called “the fourth wave feminist”. By the way, in 2017 the First International Women’s Strike was held. Never before have the March 8 demonstrations been so massive or multi-sited, so organized -thanks to social networks-, so international, so media, with so many young people, with more and more men … These have been possible thanks to sisterhood femininity, the empowerment of women or the Internet.

And every time women advance in terms of equality, counterfeminist movements, ideologies and actions emerge – or reappear – with force. On the one hand, we must bear in mind the rise that macho and anti-feminist discourses of extreme right political parties are having both at the international and state levels, championed by such nefarious leaders as Bolsonaro, Trump the Abascal.

In 1910, in Denmark, at the 2nd International Conference of Socialist Women, it was agreed that March would be the month where the International Working Women’s Day was declared – the right to vote, to public office, occupational training and to eradicate discrimination was demanded labor of women-. In Spain this day was celebrated for the first time in 1936. It was in 1975 when the United Nations declared March 8 as International Women’s Day. Every year, the United Nations dedicates this International Women’s Day to a motto or priority theme, being that of this March 8, 2021 “Women leaders: for an equal future in the world of Covid-19”.

Because this Covid-19 pandemic that has affected us for a year now, has exacerbated social inequalities and put on the table the gender gap that women continue to suffer, especially.

It has been starkly and openly evidenced how much, as a society, we still have to change in relation to care -which continues to fall on the shoulders of women-; the unequal distribution of wealth –poverty has a feminine face-; the cuts of the welfare state that triples the burdens on them-; unemployment –which mainly affects women and their working conditions-; or gender violence -which the confinement and social isolation produced by the pandemic has made them have to live with their abusers-.

During this year of the pandemic, the consumption of pornography on the Internet, prostitution has grown, the networks of trafficking of girls and women for sexual exploitation have continued, certain men have continued to consume the bodies of prostituted women – most of them poor and very young. -.

The pandemic has evidenced the precariousness of feminized jobs of women who serve people on the front line: cleaning, health, education, social welfare, nursing homes, attention to functional diversity, community organizers, in the underground economy … AND This pandemic has also demonstrated the efforts that women make and their ability to lead and good management -when they allow it- to achieve a more egalitarian world and emerge from this social, health and economic crisis with the least number of setbacks in terms of equality.

Yes, in the middle of March 8, 2021, we must celebrate and claim. With parties like VOX stalking against gender equality, with the Covid-19 virus and the repercussions that it brings and with the physical distancing to which we are forced, on the one hand, we must celebrate the achievements made by women, honoring so many and so many feminists, thanks to which important advances have been made in recent decades in our country, and, on the other hand, we must denounce the existing gender inequalities in the daily lives of many women and encourage the political struggle to obtain the rights, recognition, and equality that all women deserve as full citizens.

They must be able to participate in all public spheres, make decisions in the various spheres of life, with equal pay, in working conditions, in the possibilities of promotion, in the equitable distribution of times and spaces of work. care, with recognition of domestic work, respect for their bodies and their lives, their voice …

Yes, in the middle of March 8, 2021, we must celebrate feminist achievements and struggles and reject the inequalities and injustices that women still suffer in our society. And men cannot look the other way, we have to get involved with determination and conviction in the fight against machismo.

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