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March Madness 2021 Cheat Sheet: NCAA Support Picks, Tips, Sleepers, Printables, and More

March Madness is the best time of year for college basketball fans and gaming experts alike. Nothing brings both worlds together quite like the NCAA Tournament, which means you’re certainly looking for a 2019 March Madness cheat sheet while filling out your chart.

Here at Sporting News we’ve got you covered with expert parentheses, unexpected predictions, betting odds, and all the other tips and tricks to give you an edge over your co-workers.

The NCAA Tournament schedule begins in earnest on Friday with the Round of 64, so time is running out. Below you will find all the tools mentioned plus our interactive and printable supports to guide you through the process.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently for additional tips so you can master your March Madness group.

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March Madness printable support


Download the printable NCAA tournament bracket from Sporting News (PDF) by clicking the image above.

MORE: Download your March Madness 2021 PDF support here

NCAA Support Guides by Region

East region breakdown: Is Juwan Howard or Patrick Ewing the biggest celebrity coach in this region?

Midwest region breakdown: Cade Cunningham is well known among NBA draftniks, but can he lead Oklahoma State beyond Illinois to the Final Four?

Breakdown of the southern region: Baylor could be a popular nuisance target with potential showdowns with North Carolina and Purdue ahead of Elite Eight.

Western region breakdown: Gonzaga’s path to a perfect season could hinge on whether Kansas or Virginia are in top form.

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March Madness predictions

It wouldn’t be enough for an expert to tell you who they think will win everything, so we had several writers submit their NCAA Tournament predictions to help you deflect the blame when your group breaks down in the first round. Here are the experts’ picks to reach the 2021 Final Four with links to their full analysis.

Mike DeCourcy: Gonzaga, Alabama, Purdue, Illinois

Bill Bender: Gonzaga, State of Florida, State of Ohio, Illinois

Ryan Fagan: Gonzaga, Texas, Ohio State, Oklahoma State

Matt Lutovsky: Gonzaga, Texas, Baylor, Illinois

Vinnie Iyer: Gonzaga, Michigan, Ohio State, Illinois

NCAA Support Tips from SN Experts

March Madness annoys spikes, sleepers

Nuisance alerts: These sleepers and Cinderella candidates are more likely to break their bracket in Round 1.

Bracket Busters: SN identifies nine losers with the best odds of going into a deep March Madness race.

12 versus 5 breakdowns: Which 12 seeds are most likely to score a first-round upset?

13 against 4 breakdowns: Which of the 13 seeds is most likely to score an upset in the first round?

15 against 2 | 14 against 3 | 13 against 4 | 12 against 5

NCAA tournament betting odds

Championship Odds: Opening lines for each team to win the NCAA Tournament.

Round by round odds: SN looks at the favorites and underdogs most likely to run deep.

Point spreads and more: Here are the best bets and parlays to choose the first four games of Round 1.

Perfect March Madness Key Odds: Here’s why it is nearly impossible to choose all 63 games correctly.

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Best March Madness Group of All Time: What is the longest period that you have remained perfect in an NCAA tournament?

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