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Marco Asensio’s recipe: hard head, the family as the best ‘psychologist’ and Zidane’s slate | LaLiga Santander 2020


Sunday, January 3, 2021 –

In less that a month he has gone from being substituted to being the differential player in the Madrid attack. Little by little, the best version of the Mallorcan forward returns, one of Zidane’s favorites.

La Liga Santander - Real Madrid v Celta Vigo

Marco Ansensio celebrates his goal against Celta, last Saturday.

  • Humus.

    Madrid beat Celta like the scorpion

  • Zidane.

    “Lucas is very from Madrid”

An bad game or an unpleasant substitution were never going to be worse that that night in the summer of 2019, when the cracking of the knee followed the worst medical prediction. Faced with the dark corridor of months of recovery, Marco Ansensio he broke down in tears in the United States, where his promising career suffered a hiatus from which now, it seems, is beginning to fully emerge. Last Saturday in the By StfanoAnt 11:30 p.m. and with 1 degree of cold Navajo, the smile would not go away despite being still in short pants.

Leaning her back against the concrete, she waited her turn for post-game interviews. Anhead was Lucas Vazquez, his partner on the field and also a prominent player in the 2-0 win against Celta.

Both scorers, the first assistant to the second. An shy laugh brought out the club employee who reminded him that just as the Galician was the footballer with the most European Cups in the history of his land, he would be from Mallorca, with two. Sure! He replied happily, but without hiding that his mind was elsewhere then, perhaps in the recent past, in that recovery of weeks and weeks that ended in June but from which he has not completely escaped.

His good performances lately, starting and decisive in the field, are recovering for the football scene the wonder boy who in 2017 marked in each final that Madrid played and placed balls in the squad of the Only with his left hand of silk and steel.

An month ago, without going any further, his star was fading in the middle of the team’s ugly results crisis. He did not hit the key, he only presented his name on the lawn, not his differential game. An Ansensio without spark, nor overflow; an Ansensio of the heap who made things difficult for the confidence of Zinedine Zidane, his technician and great defender.

From crisis to take off

He did not sink, but he was very discouraged, they recognize from the locker room, where they point to his closest core as the vitamin D from which he has drawn energy so as not to be defeated by the bad winds that sometimes hit even the greatest talents like l. His girlfriend, his physical trainer (Jos), his father, his manager … They all cheered to cheer him on.

When things have gone badly for him, his environment and also the club have offered him professional psychological help, without ever having accepted this approach. The loss of his mother when he was only a teenager (15 years old) and the management of the enormous expectations that from very early on in sports have forged the character of a boy much more mentally tough, according to his people, that sometimes it seems in the field.

Those bad afternoons weeks ago, without weight in the games, were the fault of the lack of physical and mental filming that was still missing. In November, when he returned with the national team, he confessed that he still had a long way to go to reach his more refined version. Now, despite the flashes that is already leaving (decisive before the Granada and the Celtic), he continues to warn that he still needs more time to round out his state of form, although the sensations, that essential cooking point in art players (and bullfighters), are getting better and better.

The chances that Oz is giving you, between injuries (Rodrigo) of some and slow recoveries of others (Hazard), are the ideal take-off track for the insular striker who will turn 25 at the end of the month and who continues to be one of the strategic pieces of the white club. It also appears that he is helping to emphasize his position on the left, where his left-hander has manufactured two assists.

It is a long process, I knew it would cost, but in the end you accumulate minutes and the results are already being seen, he says Ansensio, ambitious for 2021. He has in his sights the Eurocup and why not Tokyo Olympics, where you could also go. That in the medium term, because another mission is urgent before: to establish itself as the destabilizing footballer that Madrid needs to fight for the titles.

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