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Mare of Easttown: 20 questions the final must answer | TV

Warning: this article contains spoilers for episodes one through six of Mare of Easttown.

Mare of Easttown has become a true phenomenon. A thriller revolving around a distant small-town detective tracking down perpetrators of the sexual abuse and murder of young girls is pretty much the least original idea out there, but its combination of phenomenal performances (Kate Winslet is one of the best actors working today). ), comic surprises (Jean Smart is very funny) and a lot of suspects has been fascinating. The show has even hooked Stephen King. Who knew a group of bearded men in flannel shirts could be so interesting?

Here’s everything we need to learn in the final episode.

Who is in the photograph?

The outline looks like two people in bed: one taking the picture and a figure lying in the background. Does it reveal a romantic implication? Or is the figure in the background a child? If that was the case, it would presumably be DJ and the figure in the foreground could be the real father.

What is clear is that this photograph must significantly undermine Mare’s thinking if Chief Carter needs to call her immediately. I’m not convinced it’s just: “You have the wrong brother!” I think the person in the photograph is closely related to Mare.

What exactly happened at the Ross family reunion?

John (Joe Tippett) and Mare (Kate Winslet).
Because of a barbecue … John (Joe Tippett) with Mare (Kate Winslet). Photograph: HBO

John told Billy during the “confession” scene that Mare “knew what had happened in the cabins.” But we’re still not sure, even though it has been pointed out that Billy and Erin start a relationship there or consume it. But John is suspicious as hell, and he was there too. Is it possible that the relationship and the necklace are related to him, not his brother?

Kenny told police during a jail visit that Billy suggested that he and Erin stay at his cabin. This could be because Billy wanted to be around Erin. But it could be that Billy is trying to protect Erin from John if it is, in fact, John who is the scoundrel. Meanwhile, Kenny wasn’t exactly treating his daughter well, so they need to ask him questions as well.

Did they need a meeting when they saw each other every day?

Very good question.

Is Billy guilty?

The blood on him isn’t a great appearance, but his confession was coerced by Suspect John in a way that probably counts as coercion. But if Billy is innocent, why confess?

Maybe he’s involved in some way, but he didn’t pull the trigger. Are you partly responsible because you helped the killer move the body, or do you just feel responsible for his disappearance? Were you so drunk that you can’t remember what happened, which has allowed John to persuade you that you did it? It may even be that Billy has blood from an attempt to save Erin.

Is John guilty?

John is extremely suspicious, but right now he feels also suspected of being the culprit. However, he could well be DJ’s father. That said, he seemed eager to give himself an alibi on the pretext of giving Frank an alibi, even displaying the photograph of a drunken Frank on his phone.

John is having an affair?

Probably not, for three reasons. First, Lori told Mare that she didn’t notice any signs of an affair; second, Ryan didn’t say he knew John was having an affair, he just nodded when Lori suggested it; and third, John told his father that Lori “thinks” he is having an affair again.

If John is not having an affair, what is the secret between Ryan and John?

Some think that John could turn out to be a serial abuser: he could be abusing his son, Ryan; his cousin’s daughter, Erin; and he might even have abused his brother, Billy, during his childhood. This could be why Billy yells at him that someone needs to hold him “accountable.”

Can we trust Lori?

Lori (Julianne Nicholson) and Mare
Best friends? Lori (Julianne Nicholson) and Mare. Photograph: HBO

The thought of the beautiful Jenny from Ally McBeal being a bad guy is hard to accept. However, he told Mare that Billy had confessed to being DJ’s father, but we didn’t see Billy confess this. So unless that happened off-screen, which would be a huge omission from the writer, Brad Inglesby, she, or John made it up.

The way John implored her to keep things from Mare to “protect our family” suggests that she knows quite a bit.

Who was the kid who painted his face at the fair, looked at Betty Carroll, and scared her?

You forgot about him, didn’t you? Random Teen – OR BRUTAL KILLER?

Is the murder weapon relevant?

It’s almost certain, given that the ballistics guy was parachuted into a single scene to tell us that the weapon was an antique police weapon discontinued decades ago.

Who owns the other half of the heart pendant?

This will answer Father DJ’s question and reveal who has an embarrassing taste in jewelry.

Will DJ ever operate by ear?

Who knows. If America had a decent public health system, perhaps all of this could have been avoided.

Is Richard a bad guy or a good guy?

Richard (Guy Pearce).
Just a good boy? Richard (Guy Pearce). Photograph: HBO

Richard doesn’t seem suspicious to me. But Guy Pearce is a pretty big name that has nothing to do with the main plot. Perhaps he is there to show that good men exist. Either way, it was brutal for Mare to not only ditch him for a date with Zabel, but to ditch him on his birthday. It seems likely that Richard and Mare will have some kind of happy ending as part of Mare’s personal growth arc.

Will Richard ever write another book?

Well, it certainly has new stuff, with the bodies piled up.

What about the dodgy deacon, Mark?

Maybe the guy who has done himself the least favors. Don’t constantly lie and then head back to the crime scene, buddy, that’s rule 101.

Will Carrie get custody of Drew?

She is doing the best she can, has two jobs and is staying clean, and good luck to her. It is possible that the extremely stressful bathroom scene was a time when she realized that it would be difficult for her to be a single mother. It could open the door to greater cooperation with Mare and Mare’s mother, Helen.

Where was Dylan the night of the murder?

Brianna (booooo!) Admitted that Dylan wasn’t in the house in the middle of the night. Time is important. When Zabel admitted that the case in which he became famous was not really his achievement, and that a crucial hour had been missed on the timeline, the alarm bells should have started to ring. All the main characters have given the police their schedules for the night of the murder, and we know Mare’s, because Helen reprimanded her for coming home “at 3.30 in the morning.” Somewhere, there will be unaccounted time.

What’s in the magazines?

A key question. It doesn’t look good that Dylan forbade Jess to read them, especially if, as we must assume, he knew what was in them.

Is the dining room at Mare’s house underused?

Undoubtedly. It could be a large study, since there is already a sizeable table in the kitchen.

What will we do when the show is over?

It’s a mystery.

The Mare of Easttown finale airs in the US on May 30 at 10 pm on HBO, and in the UK on Monday, May 31 at 9 pm on Sky Atlantic / Now TV.

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