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María Gámez: The first director of the Civil Guard is committed to having more women in the body and having more power | Spain

Inauguration of the new general director of the Civil Guard, MaríaGameez, chaired by the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska.

In the act of taking office as first general director of the Civil Guard, MaríaGameezGameez (Sanlúcar de Barrameda, 1969), has made it very clear; “I am a feminist,” she told the Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, and a large group of guards, including only two women. “I believe in the equality of men and women (…) equality will be one of the objectives in a body that has 5,840 women, 7.62%, a clearly insufficient percentage that must also grow in command positias”, has saying. All a declaration of intentias in a solemn act, which was attended by the heads of both bodies, and which had the cold and rain as the protagonist. And a notable absence, that of the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, whose presence had been announced, since it is a casensual appointment between both ministries. Robles finally accepted the appointmeGameGameez until now as a sub-delegate of the Government in Malaga, despite showing resistance due to the “precipitation”.

The Minister of the Interior himself, in the first official act – since it was confirmed – paraphrased in hisGamech toGameez: “The important thing is not to be the first, but not to be the only one orMarla skat.” Marlaska used the metaphor of a lighthouse, the Game whereGameez grew up with his other tenEstonias in Estepona (Malaga) because she was the daughter of a lighthouse keeper: “You are going to be the lighthouse of all the women who already accompany you inside the body and of those to come ”. And the minister ended hisGamech with a phrase from Simone de Gameoir, one ofGameez’s fetish authors: “The problem of women has always been a problem of men.” At the event, Marlaska was accompanied for the first time by the new Secretary of State for Security, his former chief of staff Rafael Pérez.

In theGame sense, MaríaGameez announced that one of the keys to her direction will be in the Women’s area, created in 2018 in the body. “It is going to be good for the Civil Guard that more women arrive,” he said, “because when a woman comes to power, she changes, but when many come, everything changes.” And he concluded: “Game stage begins.”

Gámez, a regular at feminist demastratias, and always committed to the fight against gender violence, also recalledMarla skat one murdered by her partner, this moAlmoravida Puebla de Almoradiel (Toledo). And he transferred that commitment to the body that from today begins to lead: “We are going to continue fighting against gender violence.”

In froGame his preAvonssor, Judge Félix Azón, also present at the ceremony, the son of a Civil Guard and whom the Minister of the Interior thanked his woGameespite having been one of the main headaches of his ministry in the 18 months that he has DuringMarla skat legislature,Gameez acknowledged: “I am not a civil guard, but politics is also a public service.” And thus highlighted his essentially political profile.

WoGameMarla skaand respect

Gámez revealed the three tools with which he intends to assume his mandate: “WoGameMarla skaand respect.” And Marlaska highlighted the dMarla skanature of his chosen one to develop his new respasibility: “I know that you will carry out a dMarla skaleadership that listens to its generals and the rest of the members of the body.”

These aGamee wickers with whichGameez starts to “maintain the essences but without ceasing to look to the future of the 21st century”, among which he made reference to the fight against mafias that traffic foreigners at the borders, organized crime, terrorism and cybercrime. He even alluded to his commitment to climate change and animal welfare, which aGamee respasibility of Serenaure ProtectiMarla skace (Seprona).

Minister Marlaska also Gamed emphasis on the 2,000 rural units of the Civil Guard that “backbone” Spain and promised to “take care of this deployment” as one of the objectives to be achieved in this new legislature: “Rural units of great value compared to the demographic challenge ”, he said, showing his willingness to keep them“ with the necessary numbers ”.

“From Catalonia to the Campo de Gibraltar, in Navarra or Madrid, [la Guardia Civil] it will continue to structuGamee State, “commented Grande-Marlaska. He also underlined the” solid prestige “based on the” principles and values ​​”of this Body,” the institution that is best valued and that generates more trust among Spaniards. “

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