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María Guardiola, new president of the PP of Extremadura with 97.7% of the votes

The newly elected president of the PP of Extremadura, María Guardiola, has reaffirmed in her first speech as leader of the party that she does not have “magic recipes”, but she does propose “great reforms, great ideas and a lot of effort and dedication”.

After being proclaimed president of the Extremaduran PP, Guardiola took the stage to shouts of ‘president’ by the attendees, whom he wanted to thank for the “immense affection” he has received these months and that he will “return multiplied”, has said.

María Guardiola has spoken in this way at the closing of the XIII Regional Congress of the PP of Extremadura, in which she has been elected as the new regional president of the PP, with 97.7 percent of the votes, replacing José Antonio Monago .

In his speech, Guardiola announced that he did not bring “magic” words, but he urged those attending to work to be “true activists for change in the region”, since it is the “obligation” of the PP, because “after so many years of socialist government, people ask us on the street, “reports EP

Thus, and “in order to face the new challenges posed by the future, it is essential to abandon excuses and propose reforms, and they must be carried out now”, Guardiola stressed, who has advanced that they will negotiate with all economic agents, social groups, professional associations, professional organizations or unions, to which he has offered “loyal collaboration, so that together we can design the best future for Extremadura”, he said.

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He has also opted for “dialogue with the mayors”, who are “the ambassadors” of the residents of the different towns in the region, and are “masters of sensitivity and governing for all”, highlighted the new leader of the PP Extremaduran, who has opted for the field sector and the rural world.

“Our peoples need a project, they need life in them, resources and commitments, and not just words”, highlighted the new president of the Extremaduran PP, who has addressed the people of Extremadura to ensure that “change strengthens and renews democratic principles” , has said.

For this reason, he considered that “if the socialist model has not served in times of economic boom, »how is it going to serve in times as critical as this one?”, Guardiola has stated, who has asserted that »whatever Say Sánchez and whatever Vara says, the economy is not pulling, since »there are no batteries, there are no levers«, he lamented.


Faced with this situation, and during her first speech as president of the Extremadura PP, María Guardiola announced seven strategic lines of action to give a “new impetus” to the region and make Extremadura an “attractive place” in which neither the young people nor the professionals nor the projects go, as is the case now.

For this reason, María Guardiola has proposed a “deep” fiscal and economic reform to make the region more attractive for both people and companies, in which “the key”, in her opinion, is “less taxes, more investments and better public services , has said.

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As a second strategic line, he has opted for a “review” of the entire bureaucracy, to establish a model that “oxygenates” people and companies, in view of which he has advocated eliminating “bureaucratic and also environmental barriers” while making respect for the environment compatible with sustainable growth.

Thirdly, he has marked the demographic challenge, before which he has opted for a “decided support for families and the birth rate”, with fiscal aid and with a real conciliation in homes based on the professionalization of care.

Thus, innovation, research and technology are the focus of its fourth strategic line, as pillars for improving the business fabric and the competitiveness of Extremadura abroad, since, as Guardiola has highlighted, “we cannot be competitive if there is still a disconnection that makes us less attractive”, after what he considered that Extremadura is “perfect for working and for teleworking”.

In fifth place, he has demanded a «determined support» for the Extremaduran countryside, such as agriculture, livestock and rural development«, since, according to Guardiola, it is »one of the main tools so that «our towns continue to have life” and a key element to curb depopulation.

In the same vein, he recalled the importance of other sectors, such as hunting or bullfighting, which, in addition to their cultural value, “are also an opportunity for small municipalities.”

As a sixth point, he stressed the need to have an “energy sector involved and committed to the region”, since Extremadura is a producer of energy, something that should be used for regional development.

Finally, he referred to the need for quality public services and infrastructure, since “without good communications it is impossible to get out of isolation and encourage investment in Extremadura”, after which he referred to the lack of a train of quality or air connections.

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“We have territory, hard-working and honest people, natural resources and a unique environment, we just need to put all the resources to work and at the disposal of Extremadurans to create opportunities”, Guardiola pointed out, who concluded that the PP model of Extremadura that emerges from this regional congress will be “that of commitment”, and “our behavior that of public service; our discourse is that of truth and our only submission will be to the people of Extremadura », she concluded.


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