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María Lo, cook: «’Masterchef’ came to me when I was ready to live the experience»

María Lo, with the Masterchef winner trophy. / rc

He won the TVE culinary contest, which featured Ferran Adriá as guest judge

At 32 years old, María Lo can already shout that she fulfilled one of her dreams: to be the winner of ‘Masterchef’ and to be able to dedicate herself entirely to cooking, her true passion. The young woman from Hong Kong and Cadiz won the victory after dueling with Verónica in the show’s grand finale, which achieved an average audience of 1,769,000 viewers in La 1 and an acceptance rate of 17.8%, a season record.

-Have you been able to sleep at night?

“More or less, huh?” I’m a little busted. I lived the final in Madrid because in the end I had to come to attend the media the next day and so on. Luckily I know people in the capital and I was able to see it at the house of some friends. I was in the final very well accompanied by her, although my mother was missing, but I’ll see her with her on a delayed basis. I lived it with great emotion seeing myself on TV. It has been where I have had the most nerves.

Was it hard to keep the secret?

-Only my closest circle knew, my mother and my girl. It has cost to keep the secret in a tomb, do not see what it costs.

–However, it was one of the clear favorites of the edition.

–During the thirteen programs of the tenth edition of ‘Masterchef’, I have lived an experience with millions of emotions. I entered very strong, saying that I was going to eat the world, but in the third or fourth week I had a slump of insecurity, when I broke down with the cheese soufflé. That was quite hard, but that same emotion served to wake me up.

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–They said that their elaborations were perfect and unique.

–Imagine that Ferran Adriá and part of the ‘Masterchef’ jury say that about your dishes. Couldn’t ask for a higher compliment. There’s no more, I was freaking out and it was very cool.

–What have you learned from your experience in ‘Masterchef’?

-In the professional part, it has been allowing me to dedicate myself firmly to the kitchen, which is what I am passionate about. On a personal level, having exposed myself so much to a fear that I had very big, which was being judged and being a perfectionist… This program has told me: «You put yourself here in front, you are going to have to work on all those fears and face them ». I have had the ability to look for the tools within that program, learn that it is natural to make mistakes, respect you and not beat yourself up so much. This stays with me for life.

Which member of the jury did you fear the most?

I have gotten along well with everyone (laughs). I have seen myself very much reflected in Jordi Cruz and I think he also with me, in my way of working and how I took everything seriously. Also Samantha Vallejo-Nágera is super funny and has a very big heart.

Why did you decide to enter the contest?

-It was the second time that I presented myself to ‘Masterchef’. First, I cast the form, although I think I did it out of time. Afterwards, I didn’t tell anyone, but I reintroduced myself. Suddenly, they told me that I was in the second casting and then I went to the face-to-face phase. ‘Masterchef’ has come to me at a time when I was ready to live the experience.

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– Where does your passion for cooking come from?

I have liked cooking since I was quite small. It comes from my father, whom I used to see in the kitchen. His way of giving me affection and his love was through the stove, because his emotions cost him a little more. I started cooking more when I was a teenager and from then on, I didn’t stop. I am cooking every day.

What will you invest the money earned in?

-The most immediate thing is going to be to continue training because I have won the Basque Culinary Center award. In parallel I will continue with other fronts that I have in mind. I would like to set up a ‘delivery’ in Barcelona with several sets of mine so that they arrive at people’s homes. I also have an olive oil project with my girl.

-He was surprised by his good relationship with his ex-girlfriend on the show.

–When the two of us found out that we were going to be in the casting of ‘Masterchef’, that relationship that had been frozen and stopped for four years, because we did not end very well, suddenly flourished again and we connected a lot. It was a beautiful friendship that I think has been reflected. She has been a great support in the coexistence of the house, because she was someone she already knew.

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