Friday, November 26

María Patiño answers Rosa Benito after being accused of the hospitalization of Amador Mohedano: “It seems cruel and unfair to me”

Maria Patiño.

Maria Patiño.

María Patiño, presenter of ‘Socialité’, does not understand Rosa Benito’s reaction, as well as the harsh words she has spoken about her after presumably the main reason for causing an anxiety attack in her ex-husband Amador Mohedano, which has led him to star in the entrance to a hospital complex in the last hours.

During the broadcast last Saturday, August 28, the La Fábrica de la Tele space was the protagonist of one of the hardest moments that Patiño has faced after returning from his rest period, being replaced by Nuria Marín in the last weeks. Known for not shutting up one, it all started when the Galician woman revealed last Thursday 26 in ‘Save me daily’, together with Belén Esteban, that the brother of the late Rocío Jurado was not aware of the bad drinks that José Ortega Cano had made happen to his wife in life. “Amador Mohedano answers us both yes,” he clarified live, in the same period of time that he entered into conversation with the brother of ‘the greatest’.

The next day, Friday, the collaborator of ‘It’s already noon’, to whom the words of both sat like a jug of cold water, blamed the presenter of Ferrol for being the trigger for the current state of health of Mohedano, whom he holds great appreciation despite his separation, and who was admitted the same day in the afternoon after what happened the day before in the evening shift from the private Fuencarral, apparently due to a digestive hemorrhage.

“What hurts me is that Rocío Jurado is being treated as if she were an abused woman. I find it shameful, creeping. I think this anxiety attack gave her when she heard this, because the body is a machine and there comes a time when that explodes “, pointed out Benito, after learning practically in direct of the hospital admission of his ex-sentimental partner” due to a drop in red blood cells “, which she did not take long to attribute to the statements of her ex-partner.

It has been in his own program where Patiño, not happy with the situation, for which he has received numerous criticisms in the last hours after the encounter with Mohedano, has responded to the Alicante in a forceful way: “It seems to me quite cruel and unfair that, knowing your ex-husband’s background, discuss an anxiety attack when she knows Amador’s diagnosis firsthand. With this I don’t mean to attack you, just to react to your words. ”

In fact, the journalist, who recently celebrated her 50th anniversary, was not happy with the reply addressed to the former sister-in-law of Rocío Jurado, has continued with her speech and pointed out that she herself, Benito, had been a participant in statements similar to those of hers in the past, addressed to José Fernando and Gloria Camila, adopted children of the singer: “She has no memory and she does not remember that she has also done this, she has also participated in this. You say that you have to respect the dead not talking about them, but you talked about their children on television when Rocío was already dead. ”

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