Tuesday, May 18

María Rita Valdez, the Mexican with black roots whose lands became the opulent Beverly Hills

  • Patricia Sulbaran
  • BBC News Mundo correspondent in Los Angeles

The Beverly Hills entrance sign.


Before occupying the famous 90210 zip code, the territory of Beverly Hills belonged to a woman.

Before Beverly Hills was one of the most expensive residential areas in the United States, a Hispanic-Mexican woman and descendant of slaves owned those lands.

It was called Maria Rita Quintero Valdez Villa And, in the 63 years that he lived, he witnessed profoundly transformative events, not only in the history of California but also in Mexico and the United States.

So much so that he was born in 1791 in New Spain, lived in Mexico and died in 1854 in the United States, without leaving the place.

She was the owner of a vast territory of 1,800 hectares where he successfully raised cattle and horses.


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