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María Teresa Campos excitedly begs to return to television

Maria Theresa Campos. / CR

The journalist attended an interview by Anne Igartiburu where she reviewed ’10 moments’ that have marked her career

“You must understand that it is time to stop.” That’s how resounding Terelu Campos was when talking about his mother’s work just a few days ago. “I think it is time for her to receive recognition for the effort and commitment and loyalty that she has had,” she said upon learning that María Teresa Campos had been distinguished for her career as a journalist by the Andalusian Government. However, the veteran presenter does not seem to agree with her daughter’s opinion and she expresses her desire to continue working whenever she has the chance. The last time she was in the program ’10 moments’ by Anne Igartiburu where after seeing ten videos that have marked her professional career she said excitedly: “I need to work”.

“Although my life is a little full and I am not sitting at home,” he explained. “I don’t want to start crying, it’s hurting me a lot,” she lamented. A few words that moved Anne Igartiburu. “I am neither more nor less than anyone. I know I’m older, but I don’t know why there is no place on any television in this country for me », she pointed out.

Despite Terelu’s opinion to the contrary, the presenter could not help crying when she saw her mother beg for a space on television. «My soul breaks because it is not a matter of María Teresa Campos not wanting to stop… she does not talk about herself, but about our elders. We give them the feeling that they are useless.

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In fact, although she prefers her mother to reserve herself from public exposure, she understands her mother’s situation: “She doesn’t know how to do anything but work, because she belongs to a generation that doesn’t know what a hobby is. She doesn’t know what retirement is because she, like the rest of her generation, wants to die with her boots on.”

María Teresa has been one of the leading communicators on national television and was for years the queen of morning programming, combining sections on politics and current affairs with commentary on the gossip press, something that is now common in these formats. “What I have felt on television is to speak to people and that the public gives it back to me,” she confessed to Anne. «How interesting this is, I tell things and people think about it and it comes to me. I like that. You have to talk to the public, not just among us on the sets », she finished.

During her time on Telemadrid, the journalist also had the sight of her granddaughter Alejandra Rubio by surprise. The young woman recalled her childhood with her grandmother: «We used to lie on the floor in the upper part of my mother’s house with a blanket to play with dolls. We made up a movie every day. My grandmother is a grandmother like all the others », she recounted. “When I’m with her I have a great time,” she assured while he described her as “very funny.”

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