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Mariano Haro’s last record falls

  • Dani Mateo, in his preparation for Tokyo, exceeds the time record of the mythical Castilian long distance runner by 100 meters.

  • The athlete from Palencia set the record in August 1975 in Anoeta with a distance of 20 kilometers and 493 meters.

  • In the 70s he was one of the great stars of Spanish sports.

In just over a month Mariano haro will turn 81 years old. Since he suffered a stroke in 2019, he has been reluctant to communicate with the press. In Becerril de Campos, a small Palencia town of less than a thousand inhabitants, surely there will never be an athlete as big and as important as he was. Haro 50 years ago, at a time when, unlike now, there were hardly any people running through the streets. And when a runner was identified, far from calling him a ‘runner’, something like some kind of unidentified flying object, people would yell at him: “Look, a Mariano Haro.”

Dani Mateo (2.08.23 hours in marathon) was born in Soria 31 years ago and grew up in a time when the streets of all cities, anywhere in the world, are filled with thousands of popular runners who do athletic practice, on occasions, even a way of life. And this Tuesday he had the honor of breaking a record set 14 years before he was born, an old record of Haro, which he established in Anoeta (San Sebastián) on August 9, 1975 when he traveled 20 kilometers and 493 meters over the course of an hour.

The old Anoeta where he ran Haro It did not have the soil conditions that all the tracks now present, for example, that of the Camilo Cano Olympic Stadium in La Nucia, in Alicante, where Matthew, also with totally different footwear from the 70s, has reached the 20,593 kilometers surpassing Haro with 100 meters more distance and making the feat of the old myth of Spanish athletics even greater.

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Who was Haro?

TO Matthew, like the rest of the best contemporary athletes, they have had to remind him who he was Haro; young runners who have resorted to the old images collected on YouTube and the disappeared Francoist Node to see him run, because since his retirement, at the end of the 70s due to a knee injury, he had to settle for walking, even if he did fast, although not as fast as when, as a kid, he jogged every day from Becerril de Campos to Palencia, 16 kilometers, while hunting a partridge along the way.

Then you ran by the sensations, in a sport that was not prepared under the pull of APPs and computers. Those of Haro They were destined to resist the Castilian cold of winter and the harsh summer heat. Four times he was runner-up in the Cros de las Naciones (the prelude to the World Cup of the specialty) and because internationally he crossed paths with Stop virus, Finnish star. He was almost always defeated by the power of the Norse, a hegemony that had a secret. “We all knew that blood was changed when most Spanish athletes only gave steak and vitamin C,” he explained Haro in a interview published in this newspaper in 2006.

Doping controls

It may interest you

Now, too, doping controls are other things and sports such as athletics, hit by scandals such as those denounced in Russia, are trying to recover and even make the challenge of Matthew, broadcast in streaming, supported by sponsors, with paid ‘hares’, and even overcoming the tremendous inconvenience of having had to do it behind closed doors, due to the happy pandemic.

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At a time when the big brands did not seduce the stars of athletics (for example, Mo farah owns the world hour record with 21,330 meters and good returns), Haro he won all 10,000, 5,000 races. 3,000 obstacles and cros that were celebrated in Spain. Then he turned to politics. He was mayor of his town for almost 24 years, until he fought with the PP, although he remained a right-wing man.

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