Wednesday, May 25

Marijuana in Mexico: 5 questions about what changes now that the law does not prohibit recreational cannabis use

  • Marcos Gonzalez Diaz
  • BBC News Mundo correspondent in Mexico

An activist for the legalization of marijuana in Mexico

Image source, Getty Images

Is recreational marijuana use already legal in Mexico?

The decision of the Supreme Court this Monday to issue a general declaration of unconstitutionality on the rule that prevents the recreational use of cannabis in the country raised many doubts about what this means in practice.

The affair comes from afar. Already in 2017 the same body had declared unconstitutional the articles of the General Health Law that contemplate the absolute prohibition of personal consumption of cannabis, for which it ordered Congress to legislate for it to be a regulated substance.

This law, which would allow its commercialization and create a legal market for this substance in Mexico, has not yet seen the light of day. by the inability of deputies and senators to reach a consensus despite the three time extensions granted by the Court.

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