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Mario Vaquerizo: “It is an absolute gift with my just turned 47 years old” | Madrid

Mario Vaquerizo in the library of his new home in Madrid in January 2020.
Mario Vaquerizo in the library of his new home in Madrid in January 2020.JAIME VILLANUEVA

The versatile Mario Vaquerizo did not hesitate for a minute when he received a call from the mayor’s office of the Madrid City Council. On the other side of the phone, the interlocutor offered him to be the town crier today at the San Cayetano, San Lorenzo and La Paloma festivities, which for the singer raised in Vicálvaro is a recognition of “being 100% from Madrid”. A similar call came from the Center councilor, who reiterated the offer. The popular artist, who defines himself as “restless and unpredictable”, has even commissioned a chulapo suit for the occasion at Maty, a store on Calle de Hileras (in the Centro district and near Calle Mayor) specializing in costumes. , accessories and makeup. “For once I can wear shoulder pads and go super cool, I was not going to let it go,” he says.

Vaquerizo will give the proclamation at eight in the afternoon in the Plaza del General Vara del Rey, before a reduced capacity as a result of the pandemic. That has prevented his family and friends from going and thus make way for politicians and neighborhood representatives. On the other end of the phone, he acknowledges that he is not going to prepare anything for his intervention. It is known that he always likes to improvise: “I will be able to spontaneity. And I think it has been a good choice because I love open-air festivals and popular festivals. I have been going as a spectator for many years and as a singer of the Nancys Rubias in these parties more than once ”.

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The artist affirms that he is now in his professional and personal best moment: “I have been at my particular Disneyland at work for about 10 years. I have managed that my hobbies have become my way of life. Of course, always with professionalism and dedication, doing things well, as I have done throughout my life ”.

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Vaquerizo grew up in Vicálvaro and studied at the Beatriz Galindo Institute, in the Salamanca district. “That boy did not like football or sports. He liked to read the superpop and be with the matriarchy of his family (my mother, my aunt and my grandmother) and read the Hello and the Soon with them and talk about Carolina de Monaco ”, he acknowledges with total transparency.

He graduated in Journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he realized that the career was not only studying, but also had to go out. “And when it was necessary to do the street, I did it without any problem. I had fun and learned a lot from this whole world, ”he says.

After being on Canal +, he decided to take a turn in his career and started in the magazine Subterfuge. That allowed him to enter the world of music, meet his current wife Olvido Gara (Alaska) and be her manager. His rise to fame is due in large part to the MTV reality show Alaska and Mario. “I loved doing it without knowing what was going to happen. Then it was a bombshell and I achieved great media notoriety ”, he acknowledges.

Passion for Madrid

If something stands out during the conversation, it is his inordinate passion for Madrid. Name the city to each phrase and do not avoid positive adjectives towards it. Vaquerizo acknowledges that he has achieved one of his dreams, which is to live on Gran Vía, which he defines as “the most cosmopolitan and international street in the world.” “Madrid is a city without prejudice, where everyone feels good. For my work I have visited many cities, such as New York, Mexico City, Las Vegas, to which I really want to return as soon as possible because I love it, or Los Angeles, Berlin or London. But, when after a trip I arrive in Barajas and enter the Puerta de Alcalá and head towards Gran Vía, it is an indescribable feeling. In short, like at one’s home, nowhere ”, he sums up.

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The artist acknowledges that he has had a pretty bad time during the pandemic and the months of confinement. Above all, when seeing its idolized Gran Vía deserted, without a soul to travel it instead of the thousands of people who pass through it daily: “Looking out and not finding anyone costs a little to assimilate, but in the end you get used to it.”

“Being at home, and that every time I go out less because I am older than a parrot, I experienced it at first as a coercion, as not having the freedom to do what one wants. For example, not going to my parents’ house to celebrate Father’s Day or have a beer with friends. I revealed myself a bit, but later I realized my love for life and my way of behaving was with civic education ”, he adds next line.

Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo, in Madrid last October.
Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo, in Madrid last October.Jesus Briones / GTRES

When he had a bad day, he would go upstairs and take refuge in the library, with the books that he had to read and that he had been relegating due to his “continuous work activity.” Or I watched television series. Of course, his rebellious side also comes out at this point. He assures that he had a very bad time having to read those books or watch those series, when what he wanted was another type of fun or leisure. But on the other side of the pendulum, that confinement at home brought to light another Mario, an unknown Mario: “I also discovered a lot about my solidarity side, which was much bigger than I thought. I felt the people closest to me and everything that happened to them ”. In short, they were “hard times” for everyone.

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“Nervous and expectant”

Vaquerizo admits that he is “nervous and expectant” about the proclamation this afternoon. “I don’t know where I will come out because people already know that I have verbal incontinence. The same when I have to give it, I am speechless and I don’t know how to say anything. Of course, I am very happy and it is an absolute gift with my just turned 47 years old, ”he says. “If it had been five years ago, I would have enjoyed it much more because we wouldn’t have to respect this new normal, which I don’t like at all, but I’m going to do it with common sense and caution,” he adds.

The artist’s activity does not stop. After spending four days with his friend Dr. Enrique Monereo, he will spend a short time at his country house, before resuming two television programs and the radio in September. He will also prepare Fangoria’s tour of Mexico, whom he will accompany. “I’m really lucky that I do what I want to do,” he confesses.

Of course, Vaquerizo has his feet on the ground and knows that fame, just as it came to him, can disappear in a short time. “My life is like a roller coaster. I have it quite clear. I am like Andy Warhol, who said that fame and art are ephemeral. And it does not take away my sleep. Luckily, everything has come to me in a mature moment and I have been able to assimilate everything in the best way ”, she is sincere.

“Fortunately, social networks came into my life when from the time I was 40. If it had not been like that and I had had them since I was a child, the same thing would have become a psychokiller,” he says with a certain irony on the other side of the telephone. “I am a rare bird, who does everything naturally,” he concludes.

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