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Marlaska alleges that “the principle of legality” was complied with when granting the third degree to the alleged murderer of Lardero

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, on the second day of the 15th regional congress of the PSOE La Rioja.
Iván Delgado / EP

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has affirmed that all the institutions involved in the case of the homicide of the 9-year-old boy from Lardero, which occurred last Thursday, have stopped “to the principle of legality”.

It has indicated that in the event “all the institutions that have worked as they have understood reasonable have been incorporated, Penitentiary Institutions, the Prosecutor’s Office and the penitentiary surveillance judge himself “.

He recalled that “the person charged with the murder of Álex, since 2013, has had prison permits, which have been approved by the prison surveillance judge, and I enjoy 39”, to then point out that in the year 2020, in February, “when he had already served three-quarters of the sentence you are awarded a restricted third degree, for which he could not leave the Social Insertion Center in which he was, and in April, the prison surveillance judge gave him conditional release. ”

Therefore, it has stated that “all the institutions have worked in accordance with the principle of legality”. Given this, “when a misfortune like this occurs, the events are evaluated much more to try to draw some conclusions.”

Grande-Marlaska has offered statements to the media, after participating, together with the Minister of Education, Pilar Alegria, in the 15th Regional Congress of the PSOE, which was held in Logroño. He has shown his “solidarity” and “support” from the Government of Spain “to Álex’s parents, brother and all the family, and friends”. “A tragedy that touches us all, every person who has a minimum sense of humanity,” added the minister.

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On the words of the spokesperson for the PP Parliamentary Group in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, who he demanded “responsibilities” from the minister for the third degree of the murderer, He has pointed out: “We have a right wing, an opposition that likes to exploit human tragedies with a political character.”

“Hot lawmaking is not usually the best technique”

In addition, the minister has reflected that “legislating hot is not usually the best technique” to those who question whether or not the laws should be toughened.

After an event like the one that happened in Lardero “now is not the time to offer conclusions or New laws if not, they must be the consequence of a calm and calm debate with the perspective of guaranteeing the safety of all citizens “.

At this point, you have indicated, “the laws must be aimed at guaranteeing the safety of citizens and more of the most vulnerable groups such as minors” pBut, as he has reiterated, “legislating hot is not usually the best legislative technique.”

In addition, and although the defendant for the death of the minor from Lardero “was not affected”, the minister recalled that already in 2010 “complementary measures such as probation were adopted for those convicted of crimes of this nature.” “We are evaluating everything that happens in events like this to draw the necessary conclusions “, It has been recognized.

The minister has also made reference to the previous complaint of another minor for similar events – days before the crime. “I do not know the relative extremes of said complaint, all this is being studied and analyzed to draw the necessary conclusions but we do not fall into the recklessness of trying to reach conclusions at the time of this unfortunate tragedy,” he indicated. Finally, the minister has indicated that “it seems” that during the presence of the detainee in court, he “has refused to give a statement.”

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Current situation of the detainee

The head of the Court of Instruction number 2 of Logroño has decreed provisional prison communicated without bail for a crime of homicide for the detainee, last Thursday, for killing a nine-year-old boy in Lardero (La Rioja), as reported by the TSJR.

The person arrested for the murder of the nine-year-old minor from Lardero (La Rioja) was brought to justice this morning. The proceedings and the alleged perpetrator of the events were delivered to the Court of Instruction number 2 of Logroño, which has decreed the entry into prison of the detainee.

The Civil Guard of La Rioja transferred the alleged murderer of the nine-year-old Lardero from the barracks -where he remained since last Thursday- to the courts of Logroño. The detainee left at around 10:30 am inside a Civil Guard car escorted by another vehicle on the way to the Courts.

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