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“Márquez must race in Qatar, but promise to finish last”

  • ‘Ago’, 15 times motorcycling world champion, assures that MM93 must accustom his eyes, again, to speed before pursuing victory

  • “I believe that he has to reappear in Qatar, yes, but he must make a first grand prize as if it were a walk, having fun,” says the Italian country man.

Paolo scalera, Carlo Pernat, discoverer of Valentino rossi and one of the most important managers of the ‘paddock’ the MotoGP Y Matteo Aglio They were chatting, live, in one of their many meetings on the motorcycle website and, suddenly, their friend appeared on the air, rather than on screen Giacomo Agostini, 15 times motorcycling world champion, myth and leader of all the classifications to which the Catalan Marc Márquez (Honda) and they opened, logically, the mike, inviting him to participate in the talk that, of course, revolved around the last test, in the Circuit of Catalonia, made by Márquez with a Honda RC213V ‘replica’, customer, street, with more than 200 horses, but not with the full benefits of a MotoGP.

Both Pernat and Aglio had shown their conviction that Márquez will appear next week at the Losail Circuit (Doha, Qatar), not so much to take part, that also, in the first grand prize of the season as to get the second cow against Covid-19. “It is evident”, commented Aglio, “that if you do such a serious test in Montmeló, a very complete circuit, with all your technical team, led by your track engineer, Santi HernandezAnd, besides, for sure, nobody doubts it, with a much improved bike, that is to say, almost almost racing, it’s because you’re already thinking of going back.

Marquez’s preparation

“I, of course, if I were Marc (Márquez), I would travel to Qatar next week and reappear, yes, but I would promise that I will be the last,” said Agostini, without a grimace of laughter or joke. “No, no, I mean it. I think you can prepare very hard in the gym, as Marc has undoubtedly been doing these days, you can ride a mini bike in a karting, you can drive a 400cc machine and even getting on, as we have seen on the video, in a fat Honda ‘replica’ of MotoGP, but none of that is useful for something very important, the most important thing! which is to accustom your eyes, again, to speed. of 340 kilometers per hour “.

‘Ago’ believes that this, the fact of recovering the reflexes, the sight, the touch, the sense of balance on a powerful motorcycle, at more than 340 km / h., “Can only be achieved if you participate in a race, if You take part in training sessions and in the GP. But, yes, I insist, Marc must commit to being last. For his own good, he should not try to win, it does not make sense for him to try. Marc must seize the opportunity of the first grand prize to recover the touch, the position, the sensitivity and, I insist, especially to accustom your eyes to the tremendous speed and acceleration of these motorcycles in the race, just a hand from the asphalt “.

Nobody knows what will happen

It may interest you

Nobody knows, certainly, what Márquez will do, but the talk on did confirm that the entire ‘paddock’ already knows that MM93, the ‘Cannibal’, as many nickname him, the ‘Martian’, as others call it, is back. It is possible that, as Pernat pointed out, the schedule of his return “which looks like a movie from Martin Scorsese“He has impressed everyone and that, suddenly, he appears in Losail, next Friday, in the first session of the Qatar GP.” It may be, but always to prove himself, “adds Agostini,” never to attempt any feat. I insist, he has to promise that he will be the last one. “

It is evident that, knowing all those present to Marc Marquez Alentá, doubt is always present, although the champion of Cervera (Lleida), has reiterated, in recent months, that both the injury, and his three interventions, especially the last one on his right humerus, which lasted 11 hours, as well as the hard rehabilitation process, “has taught me that there are many great prizes and only a life”. Since his fall in Jerez and the fracture of the right humerus to get on a minibike, again, eight interminable months have passed.

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