Friday, March 31

Márquez triumphs and Quartararo reigns in MotoGP

  • Frenchman Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha), 22, who had not won any title, gives France one of the few great titles his country lacked

  • Marc Márquez (Honda) achieved, after the fall of Bagnaia (Ducati) with four laps to go, his third victory in the year of his return and is already the second winner of 2021

Fails ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia, who rolled on the floor when he was leader of the Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna. Fails Ducati, the Borgo Panigale (Italy) factory, which owns the best motorcycle on the grid of MotoGP and still does not win the title. It triumphs, in a big way, to the beast, to the animal, of Marc Marquez (Honda), which today has won its third grand prize (Germany, USA and Emilia Romagna) the year of his return after a serious injury, which took him ten months away from the circuits. And total, unique, unforgettable apotheosis of the French Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha), who, after the fall of Bagnaia, was automatically proclaimed a new and brand-new world champion, his first title, at age 22, after 116 races and seven seasons in the World Championship, two races before the end of the campaign, as there are still the great prizes of the Algarve (Portimao, Portugal) and Valencia.

Quartararo, whom everyone calls the ‘Devil’, has given France one of the very few titles, scepters, championships that one of the most sporting countries in the world lacked, since the French had been champions of the small categories and, of course in F-1 and rallies, but never in 500cc and MotoGP. Quartararo, a boy who was too funny and not disciplined in his first years in the World Cup, has shown, in recent years, to give a brutal change to the extent that the ‘Devil’ has been the only one who has been able to score in all, all, championship races in all categories.

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Repsol Honda double

The second race in San Marino, which also saw Valentino Rossi (Yamaha) farewell, was being dominated, very comfortably, by Bagnaia and Márquez (Honda), who has always, always, very close to ‘Pecco’ So much so that he even managed to make him nervous and cause his fall four laps from the end. MM93 took control of the situation and, for the first time since 2017, the Repsol Honda team, with Pol Espargaró in second position, achieved a double on the World Championship podium.

Márquez crossed the finish line standing on his motorcycle and pointing, with his left hand, at the humerus of his right arm, the damaged one, the one operated on three times and the one that has kept him off the track for almost a whole year. It was the demonstration that he feels better every time, although he continues to think that his full performance will still be late.

The happiness of MM93

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The winner of today’s race, Marc Márquez, acknowledged his immense happiness and confessed that, without being a left-wing circuit, “it was the most important race of the year, winning on a right-hand track, which are the circuits that I love the most. They cost me, it makes me very happy and will give me a lot of confidence for the last two races and the next season. I am very happy, because ‘Pecco’ was going stratospheric and I don’t know how I could stay there with him. Yes, it is true that I was pressuring him, but ‘Pecco’ has been exceptional and, just when I had almost given up on passing him, he fell incomprehensibly. But, well, today is Fabio’s (Quartarari) day, who has had a unique year and who deserves, by far , this title. Hopefully next year we can fight him, again, the title. ” Márquez, who comes from injury, is already, with his three wins, the second most successful rider after Quartararo.

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“I can only say that I still don’t believe it, I feel incredibly happy, my whole family is here and, the truth, the only thing I can say is, apart from being my dream, it has been that of all those who have helped me. throughout my life “, commented Quartararo in the ‘corralito’, where he received the congratulations of MM93 and all those present, as Bagnaia had already congratulated him when he arrived at the ‘pit lane’, from the track, before get on the podium. ‘Pecco’ left Ducati boxing, stepped out into the ‘pit’ lane and hugged the new champion.

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