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Married and Ayuso will meet again on December 6 after a month and a half avoiding

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, with Pablo Casado.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, with Pablo Casado.

After several weeks in which a public reunion seemed impossible, Pablo Casado e Isabel Diaz Ayuso they will see each other again on December 6 in Congress for Constitution Day. The leader of the PP will make a leap in his international agenda (this weekend he travels to Greece and next week he will be in Latin America) to spend that day in Madrid in the event that takes place every year in the Lower House, and which is also attended by regional presidents. The Madrid leader will also be there, as in previous years, as confirmed by their team. So, finally, it will be next Monday when both coincide in an act. The last one they shared was on October 19, a month and a half ago, during the inauguration of the tower that will house the IE University headquarters, presided over by the King.

Since that time the agendas have avoided coinciding at all times. Next Friday, December 3, the Community of Madrid will host its traditional act for Constitution Day at the Royal Post Office (they always organize it a few days before the holiday) and Married had never missed the appointment. However, in Genoa they clarified a few days ago that the popular leader could not attend because he would already be in Athens, since on the weekend he will participate in the political congress of New Democracy, the party of the Greek prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, which was also at the national convention of the Valencian PP.

The lack would not be so striking if it did not join so many others in recent weeks. Last Saturday there was another clear example. After the PP had announced well in advance that Casado would lead the party delegation in the protest of the National Police and the Civil Guard for the repeal of the ‘gag law’, his attendance was left on the air days ago because he closed a meeting in León with all its provincial presidents for the same Saturday. The first sign that it could be missing occurred on Wednesday when Casado appeared at the previous concentration that the security forces held in front of the Government Delegation. In his team they confirmed it: “He wanted to come today in case Saturday does not arrive at the end”.

Ayuso had already confirmed his presence in the demonstration, like the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida. In the end, the president gave her support to the protesters from Puerta del Sol, but he did not join the march. Almeida was from start to finish and Married arrived on time, after one in the afternoon, to make an appearance with the alderman. Other leaders of the national leadership also participated, but did not coincide with the regional president, who did not join the popular delegation.

Examples are not lacking in recent weeks. At the congresses of Castilla-La Mancha and Andalusia, the two previous weekends, Ayuso participated with the rest of the regional presidents and regional leaders. In both appointments, in Puertollano (Ciudad Real) and Granada respectively, it became the main claim of the militancy. Casado closed the two conclaves on Sunday and did not see the president, and that the previous days he was in the area with his family.

To that are added informative breakfasts, awards ceremonies and other events in which they could have agreed and did not. In fact, during this time, Casado has seen Almeida on several occasions (last week, for example, at some legal awards organized by the Pelayo Group). The mayor has also had a shared agenda with the president of the Madrid Community, starting with festivities such as La Almudena, where they also showed their complicity with the cameras in front and coinciding with the war unleashed between Genoa and Sol. The president and mayor also shared a private meal to try to find solutions to the crisis of the PP in Madrid without much success. And predictably, they will meet again on Friday 3 at the institutional act of the Community in Puerta del Sol to celebrate Constitution Day, precisely the one that Casado is going to miss.

The October 29 was another turning point with the celebration of a board of directors of the PP of Madrid, in the headquarters of Genoa, where the scope of the conflict was verified. The idea was that Teodoro Garcia Egea I would have been, but finally the birth of her son made attendance impossible. The last joint act between Casado and Ayuso was on October 19, and days before, on the 12th of that month, National Holiday, they were also seen in the parade presided over by the Kings and the subsequent greeting at the Royal Palace. From there everything has been comes and goes in the agendas to avoid a joint photo at all costs.

Constitution Day will be inevitable, although it remains to be seen how the reunion will really be, since it is foreseeable that many other leaders of the PP will attend.

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