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Married: “Because they only repeal 10% of our labor reform, do we have to support it?” | Spain

The PP has found a line of argument to wear down the progressive government for the labor reform it has agreed with the unions and employers: reduce it to an initiative that barely modifies its 2012, against the discourse of the left promising that it would repeal it . The popular leader, Pablo Casado, has influenced this thesis this Saturday in a campaign event together with the president of Castilla y León and candidate for re-election, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, in which he has participated electronically because he is still confined after having infected with covid. “Why do they only repeal 10% of our reform, do we have to support it?” Pablo Casado asked rhetorically before making it clear that they will not support it, despite the fact that, according to his thesis, the reform hardly modifies that of the PP. “We already know that it has been a bluff to the left. Sánchez has lied again. He said in his congress that he was going to repeal it and in the end, due to pressure from Brussels, he has been left half “. The popular leader defends, on the other hand, that it is necessary to “expand” the one that the conservatives carried out in 2012 and proposes to the Government to agree on the so-called austrian backpack, an account in the name of each worker into which the company periodically pays a part of the dismissal in advance.

Casado is receiving a lot of pressure, not only from the Executive, to abandon the frontal rejection of the labor reform that is the result of an agreement in which the employers are also present. Precisely because of that thesis that he has wielded this Saturday that the reform consolidates a large part of that of 2012, the frontal rejection of it by the PP has caused discomfort in the economic team of Mariano Rajoy. Former popular ministers consider that the reform is “balanced” and “consolidates the nuclear aspects of the 2012 reform of the PP.” This Friday, the President of the Government raised the banner of this matter and called on him from the Federal Committee of the PSOE to support the reform. “What interests does the opposition defend if it resists supporting the interests of employers and workers, what interests does it defend, what does it put above the interests of Spain? We ask all the political formations to join in, to pitch in for this time ”, urged Pedro Sánchez. Casado has answered both of them this Saturday, justifying his position and proposing a different formula to the pact that the social agents have reached with the Government after nine months of negotiation.

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The leader of the PP defends that they have not called him to agree on the proposal for which he is now being asked for support, and that this goes in the opposite direction to what should be done, which is to deepen the one that the Rajoy Executive approved 10 ago years. “When a government does not call the opposition, does not seek the support of anyone, Brussels has not demanded it … Why do they look at the PP? If he has not called us, they repeal our reform that we carried out with the support of all European countries and they do it at the worst moment … At a time when more flexibility is needed, because we lead the unemployment figures throughout the EU ”, has argued Casado. “If they want to do a labor reform, let’s do the austrian backpack”, Proposes the popular leader. The call austrian backpack It is an individual fund for each worker that replaces the severance pay model. The Bank of Spain defends this model, which, however, the unions reject because it lowers dismissal costs for workers with a permanent contract and greater seniority.

Casado has focused his speech on this matter and on the controversy over the words of the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, questioning the Spanish macro-farms. The PP is going to make this issue one of the axes of the campaign in Castilla y León, and the popular leader has again asked the president this Saturday to dismiss the minister for his “attacks on cattle ranchers.” “There is no right to be stigmatized at the international level,” has stressed Casado, who has anticipated that the sector associations will let the president know their rejection of the minister’s statements during his visit to Palencia this Sunday.

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